Sunday, July 31, 2005
Weekend news


I thought I'd give you the links to the participants again, so that you can go look for updates if you want to.

Knit Only group
Amanda, Siouxsie, Kae, Michelle, Amy, Krystofer, Kristen, Jennifer, Sally, Rebecca, Gracie, Jo Matthews (no blog), Dana (no blog), Margaret (no blog), and Julie (no blog)

Surprise group
Colette, Beverly, Lee, Judy, Rox, Jennifer, Cynthia, Julie, Becky, Mona, Tam, Alicia, Cecile, Jena, Fiona, Ina, Debi (no blog), and Christina (no blog).

Alicia has made some progress on her scarf. Go take a look. The colours are really pretty.


It's the Veste Everest from the Fall IK. I am substituting the recommended yarn with some organic pure merino yarnwhich Maisie sent me from Canberra last year. Yes, it has taken me over a year to get around to using it. I remember her buying it for me because at the time she was pregnant with young Aidan (who is a big baby now) and the smell of wool was giving her morning sickness.

It's coming along really nicely. It's a nice soft merino in a natural grey/brown colour. I have completed about 2 and a bit repeats of the cable pattern. It's lovely. The stitch definition is beautiful.

I am concerned that the vest will not be long enough with the recommended 5 repeats. I may have to knit 6 repeats or 5 1/2. Are you knitting this vest too? I'd love to see how other Veste Everests look.

I also realised I don't have a US4 or 3.5mm circular needle for the ribbig around the neck/armholes. Either I go out and buy one (though this may be a problem, since 3.5mm is not a common size in Australia) or I make do with a 3.75mm needle. I think I shall settle on the later.


We had our first ever knitting get-together at Sally's house yesterday. There were only three of us - Sally, Pamela and myself. It was great fun - lots of show and tell.

Pamela brought the stuff she bought in Melbourne. Oh so beautiful! I am tempted to go visit Martha's Yarns now!

I hope that more people will show up in a fortnight's time whe we meet at Rubi and Lana's. It's so much fun to be able to kit together. We got so carried away that we didn't realise that it was way past five by the time we were ready to leave.


I don't know where we caught it but it looks like both Chris and I are down with a stomach bug of some sort. Poor Chris has been thowing up all day, and I have been feeling like I need to throw up all evening.

I hope it is one of those 24 hour bugs, but Chris' sister think there is a viral infection going aound that masquerades as a stomach bug. That doesn't sound pretty at all! It does sound like what Chris may have though, as he has also had a headache all day, and he had to go to work too!


I placed mre stuff on Etsy for sale. I decided to sell all those scarves I knitted that I have never worn.

I have also put some yarn up for sale. Go take a look. No charge for window shopping ;)


Why did it take me so long to work that out, you ask? Well, I didn't. I was merely re-itterating the fact that housework is evil.

I did some sweeping, some baking, lots of ironing and some tidying up today while Chris was at work. My flat is still far from sparkling clean, but it is looking better.

I had planned to, but did not get the chance to sort out my yarn closet. I really need to. I will be putting up the stuff I no longer want on Ebay. Maybe next weekend. Classes start this week so I doubt I will have time to do it during the week.
I should soon be ready to get cracking on my scarf for the exchange. I'm just about done with the August birthday sweater I've been knitting. Then I've got a pair for socks for another Aug. b-day and I'll be done with the compulsories :) Can't wait to knock that scarf out. I've been browsing patterns but nothing chosen just yet.
I'm starting my scarf as soon as I move ;) I have two "after the move" projects I've been aching to do - one of which is the scarf. So come NEXT week I should be able to post some pics!! I still have to figure out exactly what I want the color pattern in it to be..I went a different route yarn wise from the exact pattern so I'll have to do a gauge swatch and figure out what looks right - I'm excited!!
Thanks for the scarf exchange links. Take care and feel better!
sorry to hear you are sick! there must be some stomach flu bug going around lately. take care of yourself and get well soon =)
p.s. i agree with what you said about housework - it IS evil. =P
If you're still interested, I made the Veste Everest out of Cascade 220 and it turned out really well. I also made it one cable repeat longer than the pattern called for and it turned out perfect. You can see the picture on my webpage.
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