Saturday, August 27, 2005
Veste Everest completed

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. I've just been busy, really REALLY busy with work and uni.

Veste Everest
All done now. I stayed up till 2am on Thursday completing the knitting and seaming. Then today I took it to the knitting get-together at Rubi and Lana. I sewed the ends in there and it was ready to wear!

I am so glad that I made it longer as it is still slightly short. It's quite a lovely design, even if I do say so myself. I didn't design it, but I did knit it...

Art Sydney 05
I have to review trade show for oe of my assignments for uni. There didn't seem to be many 'fun' ones to attend, at least not till the Bead and Jewellery Show in October, which is a little close to the date when the report is due. I was sent two free tickets for Art Sydney 05, and so I decided to go. It was really good. It used to be called the Affordable Art Show, I think. I guess 'affordable' is kinda subject to interpretation. I saw a few pieces that were priced in the hundreds, but most of the pieces were priced at $1500 or more. A little out of my reach, I think.

There was a group of booths featuring Korean Art. I was fascinated. It was quite distinct and quite different. There was something meditative and tranquil about many of the pieces.

I liked that most of the pieces were appropriate for displaying in homes or offices. Call me old fashioned, but I really don't understand 'art pieces' that are what I call 'ultra modern'. I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art some time ago, and I saw a piece of art that was a framed telegram. Tell me, what is the point of that?!

There were some escher prints being sold and if I had a bit of spare cash on me, I would have bought one for Chris. He quite likes Escher, I think. There were also some Leunig prints. My favourite were the works of Kwon Do Hyun, but unfortunately I could not afford the price tag that was on his pieces.

Margaret Peels fibre Supplies is now officially closed. I ordered a whole lot of alpaca fleece from them before they closed. It all arrived on Thursday. It was fantastic. I bought quite a few kilos. That will keep me busy for a while, I think, not that I am not already very busy.

I will probably not be posting again for a while as I will be busy for the next week or so trying to complete the two assignments I have due in about 10 days. My parents will be visiting next week, which means I won't have much time to work on the papers once they get here.

I have one case study paper to write. The lecturer has asked for a minimum of 3000 words. It's all about exporting petcare products. Hmm.. The other paper is about how the lack of availability of media in developing countries impact promotion plans. Hmm... I have only just started reading for them. Lots and lots to do.. I'd better get a move on.

Saturday, August 20, 2005
Suzie is home!

Suzie Came Home With Me

I borrowed Chris' car and went to spinning/dyeing class on Thursday. It was great fun. We had a handpainting class and I had the chance to try out a few different commercial dyes. I really should show some piccies, huh.. Anyway, I tried out my Suzie and I paid for her and she's home now. She is a really lovely wheel! I have been spinning on her, and then I realised that I didn't know how to change the bobbin. OOOPS! I felt very silly for not having asked Jenny. Oh well. I ended up sending an email to both Sue (who owns a Suzie) and Jenny. they both replied, and it turns out that I have to twist the flyer off by holding the whorl. Right! Thank goodness I didn't try to yank the flyer off. I tried, but thank goodness I didn't try too hard.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005
Thank you AKSP!

AKSP gift

Thank you dear AKSP. I was in a foul mood in the office today (one meeting too many, I think) when I received a package from the mail room. It was from my AKSP. I love my goodies! I received the current issue of Vogue Knitting. Yay! This means I won't have to go trekking through all the city newsagencies looking for a copy. There are some lovely shawls in there I am interested in making. Thank you thank you thank you! I aso received a spool of soy silk. I have not unwrapped it yet but it looks quite lustrous. I now know why it is called soy SILK. In addition to that I received a cute tape measure (one can never have too many tape measures) and a yarn and needles keychain. Pictures soon. I just realised I didn't take pictures of my first AKSP. I'll try to take a picture when I take a photo of this one.

Scarf Exchange Catch Up Report

Rebecca has started her scarf and knitted 8 inches. Photos aren't up yet, but if you visit in a couple of days maybe by then there will be some pictures.

Amy has completed her scarf but there are no pictures on her blog (yet?).

Siouxsie has had some nightmarish issues with the original scarf and it has been restarted. No pictures yet either.

Did I mention that Amanda has made some progress on her scarf?

Colette's scarf is really pretty. Go take a look at the pictures on her blog.

Cynthia's Beads of the Earth scarf is looking good. I spoke to her today (as much as one can 'speak' using MSN Messenger) and she says she's made more progress on it.

Jennifer has also completed her scarf.

Congrats to all those of you who have completed your scarves. Please hold off sending it till after the first week of September so that everyone will get their scarves at around the same time. Scarves should be sent between then and the end of September, so if you haven't started on your scarf, now may be a good time to start casting on.

Sunday, August 14, 2005
Fantastic LYS


We had our first knitting get together at Rubi and Lana yesterday. It was great. As soon as we stepped in, we knew we were in trouble. It is a gorgeous store. There was so much to lookk at, to touch and feel, oh, and buy! Sally and I were whispering between ourselves that maybe meeting at a yarn store is not so wise for our bank accounts.

Paula, the lady there - owner, I think - is lovely. She came and sat with us when she was not busy with customers. I think all of us ended up walking out with something or other. I walked out with a couple of balls of yarn which I had not seen before. If they were not intended for my secret pals, I would photograph them to show you. The colours are really pretty, and so reasonable too! They also have their own yarns in various weights in many pretty colours.

We will definitely be going back there for as long as Paula is happy to have us there.


I now own a set of Denise Interchangeables! I have not had time to try them out yet, but both Sally and Kate tried them on swatches, when we were at Rubi and Lana's yesterday. They both seemed to think they were nice to use. I'll have to find a project to use them on. I also bought a pair of Addi bamboo circular needles in 3.5mm. I need them for the neckline and armhole of the Veste Everest when I eventually get to it.


It was a bright and sunny day today when the entire Hernandez clan, myself included, went to the Blacktown Drive In Trash and Treasure market. It was... uhm.. interesting. It was mainly a whole lot of people trying to sell the contets of their garage, I think. There was a lot of old comics, books, motors(??), rusty nails (???) and even a box of old keys (we did not see the matching locks beng sold). I thik going there was a once in a lifetime experience for me.

The signboard out the front did say that one could find new and used items and craft items. Yeah, right! The only craft items I found were a box of icky acrylic eyelash type yarn. For $1 a ball, I guess it wasn't bad, but heck, I don't need any more icky acrylic yarn.


We watched the Soweto Gospel Choir perform at the Hills Centre last night. It was amazing. The voices were beautiful and we really enjoyed the show. We were seated in a god location and managed to get a good view of the stage, but we were a little disappointed by the venue as the seats were cramped. It also sounded like the sound guys weren't doing a great job with the mixing.

The Harlem Gspel Choir comes out again in a few months. I think we've learnt now and we'll go watch them at the Opera House instead!

Friday, August 12, 2005
Some pictures at last

Scarf Exchange

Julie has cast on for hers.

I have completed mine. It was knitted in handspun and hand-dyed Optim. The ruffle was an idea I got from Sally. The main body of the scarf is knitted in a Farrow Rib pattern, not that you can tell from the picture.

Image hosted by

'Nother Scarf
I started another scarf as well, using some of my own handspun/hand-dyed yarn. It's striping beautifully, and it wasn't even intentional!
Image hosted by

It's a nice soft yarn that feels baby soft against my skin. It's also a joy to knit as there is lots of springiness in the yarn. They are not colours I will ever wear - don't ask why I chose to dye in those colours - so I guess they'll be finding a home elsewhere.

Veste Everest

Back is done...
Image hosted by

Front has been started but there it doesn't look much different from the back so I'll take another photo when I have made a little more progress.


I haven't done much of it. I tried spinning some washed alpaca fleece without carding it. It's coming out ok I think, ut I think it will work better if I had not first washed it. I am going to try another lot that has not been washed. Stay tuned for a comparison report.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005
What?! No car?


I will be sans car for the next week and a half. That's right! Some lady knocked into the back of my car last week. I thought that since her insurance was going to pay for the repairs I may as well get it fixed. I thought it was just a small dent on the bumper. I made the appointment with the insurance assessors, took it in today and guess what? There are three (yes, 1, 2, THREE) parts that need to be fixed/replaced. Guess there was more than what I could see. In any case, that leaves me without a car for the next week.

It feels weird to not have car. How does anyone in Sydney cope without a car? It' only been a day and I miss her already!

Sweet sweet voices

Chris and I have tickets for the Soweto Gospel Choir performance this weekend. I am really looking forward to it.

We went to watch the Harlem Gospel Choir last year and we really enjoyed that. I think this will be much along the same vein.

Veste Everest

I am a couple of inches away from completing the back. Yay! It's really coming together well. Pictures soon.

More destashing

I added more yarn to my destashing site. This is a slow and gradual process. I'll probably be putting more up before the end of the week. I missed a couple of comments, so if you have left a comment indicating your interest and I have not replied, please email me. I will do my best to check the comments.

Eva, I tried to email you but I don't know whether you received my email. The yarn is still available. I have marked them as "Pending Sale" while waiting for your reply. So, email me, please, and let me know whether you still want it. Thanks!

Monday, August 08, 2005
Scarf Exchange Update


Krystofer is knitting his in recycled sari silk. Interesting. I wonder what the scarf will be like. I have seen recycled silk in many different colour combinations and it always seems so random. Definitely no pooling, I guess.

Kristen's scarf is being made in Misty Alpaca. That looks pretty yummy too.

Did I mention that Alicia has finished her scarf?

Jena has started hers too.

Jennifer, please don't feel intimidated. I know there are soem pretty scarves in the blogs. I am sure you'rs will be pretty too. You're not the only one crocheting yoru scarf. i know at least one other person who will be using crochet on her scarf.

As for me, well, I have started mine. It's blue, purple and white. It's going to be a mid-length farrow rib scarf with a ruffle at each end. I tried to tell Chris that the colours are like an abstract painting, and his reply? "Uhm, no. An abstract painting of a scarf, maybe?"


No, not the stuff you knit with, but a new local knitting magazine. OMG! It really is a new magazine! I have high hopes. Creative Knitting I found to be disappointing. I hope this is going to be better. The first issue comes out next month. Take a look here.


I went out shopping after work today and bought a packet of Continental mild curry mix, and some lamb mince. It's not curry as most know it. You know, not the stuff we eat back home. However, it was what I was craving. I didn't go as far as adding raisins and apricots as some people do. I can't eat sweet curry, but sometimes, just sometimes, I do enjoy this 'fake curry' stuff.

Saturday, August 06, 2005
Major destashing

I am destashing - BIG TIME!

I have not had time to put up all the yarn yet, but I have some here. Let me know if anything interests you.

Thursday, August 04, 2005
Suzie beckons


I went to spinning class tonight and there was a secondhand Suzie sitting there whispering my name. The price tag on it is pretty good (about 1/2 of a brand new one, I think) and it is in good condition. I didn't get around to testing it tonight but I will in a couple of weeks. I guess I have till then to sleep on it. I really want it (if it spins well) but I don't want to make a rash decision. I do know, though, that after this wheel, I won't be wanting another for a long, long while - I'd better not! I can't afford another one!


Tonight I tried my hand at spinning tencel. It was an interesting experience. The fibres were long and slippery and it was quite hard to spin at first, but once I got the hang of it, it went quite quickly. There is a spectacular sheen on it, much like silk. I plan to ply it with some merino as I'd hate to knit with it alone, I think, since it, like cotton appears to have no "boing".


Brian (whom I have never met) from the Tuesday morning class had left with Jenny some wool that he had gotten carded but no longer wanted. It wasn't exactly fine grade wool, but it was a good buy at $12 a kilo. I bought about 1.1kilos worth in two colours (natural dark brown and natural light brownish grey) and I thoguht it would make a beautiful jumper. There is, I am sure, enough there for a jumper for me, maybe even for Cris, but he won't wear it as it is not super fine wool. It's too coarse for him, I think, so it's all mine!


Progress! (Jen, did you see that? Progress!)
Yes, indeed, I am about 3 or 4 inches into the sleeve (another 15 or so inches to go). It is coming along quickly and I will soon be able to wear it. (Are you tired of hearing me say that by now?) You know what? Aftr having about 300 stitches on the needle, the sleeves feel like they are SO QUICK TO KNIT!


No progress.. still at about 3 repeats into the back. It's quick, though, considering I have not had time to work on it all week.


I know a number of you have posted updates on your blogs. I am sorry I have not found time to go through all your blogs yet. Here's a list of everyone's blogs:

Knit Only group
Amanda, Siouxsie, Kae, Michelle, Amy, Krystofer, Kristen, Jennifer, Sally, Rebecca, Gracie, Jo Matthews (no blog), Dana (no blog), Margaret (no blog), and Julie (no blog)

Surprise group
Colette, Beverly, Lee, Judy, Rox, Jennifer, Cynthia, Julie, Becky, Mona, Tam, Alicia, Cecile, Jena, Fiona, Ina, Debi (no blog), and Christina (no blog)


Remember how I was sending Emy fibre and a spindle? I received a HUGE lot of lovely yarns from her this week. I have not taken a photo of it yet. It's definitely photo-worthy. I received some lovely cashmere blends, some silk, some angora blend, some mohair blend and some wool. Thank you Emy!

Oh, and Emy, you seemed concerned in the note you included in the box that the silk may not be real silk. We flame-tested it in class tonight and it sure does look like it is silk!


That's right. I am busy again. I am taking two classes this term. Both of them have three BIG assignments each and one of the assignments is a HUGE marketing plan (think 100 pages without appendices) and report. Ouch! At this stage I think I just want to complete these two sbjects and get it all over and done with. As long as I pass, I'll be happy. Anything more is a bonus!

Right now our biggest problem is finding an Australian company that wants to work with us. I don't know how easy that will be. I have contacted one company today, and have not yet received a response. Fingers crossed...

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