Tuesday, May 22, 2012
Travelling Tea Box

This year, I signed up for the travelling tea box exchange again. The idea is that someone starts with a box filled with an assortment of teas and yarns (since we're all knitters or crocheters in this exchange) and the box is sent from person to person. Each recipient has the chance to take out some tea and some yarn and replenish the box with other teas and yarns. By the time the box has done the rounds and makes it back to the originator, it will most likely have completely different teas and yarns.

I am the 8th person to receive the box. I saw it just before it set off on its voyage, and the assortment of yarn and teas has already changed significantly.

The teas:

The yarn:

Do you see the cute little crocheted frog there? Her name is Kee-mun. She's the box mascot. So far, Kee-mun has been travelling in my handbag. She's visited my gorgeous newest nephew:

She's had lunch with us:

Is that fried chicken you see? Sure is! We found a little Korean eatery beside the "downstairs" Asian store on Victoria Ave in Chatswood that serves really really good fried chicken. The cheese and egg roll we ordered was a little odd, but Chris liked it. Imagine an egg omelette rolled up into a log smothered in melted cheese and drizzled with tomato sauce and mayonnaise. Yes, odd. The chicken was good, though. really really good. It was pricey, at about $20-$25 per serve, but the serving size is huge.

Kee-mun will be coming with us to the park this afternoon. if we're lucky I'll get some photos!

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