Friday, September 28, 2007
Long time no post...

I have an excuse.. I have been busy.

I have faced the size of my stash and I am relieved to say that though it is large huge, it is not unmanageable. I'd show you a photo but not all of it is unpacked yet. i am still slowly sorting through it all and trying to find a permanent temporary home for every skein while it is waiting to be used.

Hmm.. what's news?

Not much, really...

There was a chocolate/yarn swap on Ravelry and I participated.

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The chocolates are just divine. Chris and I have been rationing them out so that we don't eat them all in one sitting and regret having none left.

The felted bowl is just the right size to fit around a chipped glass bowl that I am using to hold the stationery on my desk, so that now has a permanent home on my desk.

Oh and the yarn.. Schaeffer Anne.. need I say more? It's my first skein of the stuff and I have been petting it.. a lot! I don't know what to make with it yet but the browns and black are lovely. Reminds me a lot of a horse. Those are the colours I think of when I think of horses. Yes, I know, I am strange.

Alex has been doing lots of growing in the time since I last posted. It is almost as if we can see him grow. He has learnt a few new tricks too. Much to our amusement, he seems to find clapping amusing. He does it all the time now, and sometimes even on request!

Have I mentioned that he pulls himself up really well now? It's a bit of a problem as I now have to watch him like a hawk. Our shelves are not attached to the walls yet and I live in fear of him bringing the shelves (and their contents) down on himself!

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Oh. oh. oh.. and we have forwards crawling happening too. I don't know whether I mentioned previously that he was only crawling backwards. Anyway, he was. For quite a while, he could only manage to propel himself backwards. He's finally found the right gears and is now moving forwards, and quite quickly too!

And one last thing.. he's developed this guilty look on his face. We have a few photos of him now where he looks as if we have sprung him doing something naughty when really he hasn't done anything wrong. Poor boy. That look isn't going to help him in later years when he is actually capable of naughtiness...

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I leave you with a video of him clapping...

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Monday, September 10, 2007
We've moved!

We packed. We moved.

Well, mostly...

We still have to clean out the old place and move a whole lot of "little" things.

Will not be posting for a while.. at least not till I get all our stuff sorted out.

Oh.. and I had to face the size of my stash. 'Twas not a pleasant experience!

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