Friday, October 26, 2007
Where does the time go?

It is as if the days just sip right past without so much as a "Hello" or a "good bye". I can barely remember what I did yesterday, let alone last week. Sure, it's been busy hectic CRAZY at work, and I have a crawler in the house (by that I mean Alex, not Chris), but still.. it is as if the work never ends and the 24 hours in each day are just not enough. Admittedly the current addiction I have to playing Scrabulous on Facebook isn't helping matters (want a game, anyone?).

So.. now that I have a few spare moments before I dial in for my midnight (yes, MIDNIGHT!!!) conference call, I thought I should at least attempt a post on my poor neglected blog.

We haven't been up to much. Things are pretty much the same here aside from a few small not so small changes and events. Let's start with Alex, shall we? As of yesterday, he has learnt to say "Mama". Well, it's more like "ah...mamamamamamamamamamamama".. but I'd still like to think it's "Mama". I am also choosing to ignore the fact that he calls his food "mamamamama" and he calls his toys "mamamamama" and he calls me "mamamamama". In fact, he's calling everything"mamamamama". That's okay. He'll soon learn that there is only one Mama in his world and she's me! He's probably going to be very confused when he sees my mum again, though, as she is "Ah Mah" - the Hokkien word for 'grandmother'. Will he get "Mama" and "Ah Mah" mixed up? We'll see. Oh, and he is also saying "nanana". We call bananas "nana" in this house and maybe he's heard me ask him one time too many whether he would like some "nana" with his breakfast.

Alex also "sings" along to the radio in the car. Yes, it is a very loose definition of 'sing'. He sort of babbles along with the music when we're in the car. Sometimes he claps along too. Really cute, not very melodic, but adorable all the same. Heck, what am I saying? As long as he's not crying in the car, I'm pretty happy. Babble away, my boy..

Hmm.. what else have we been up to? Not much, really.

We took a trip to Canberra last weekend to get my passport renewed. I was very frustrated with the consulate when they told me that I had to go to the High Commission in Canberra to get my passport renewed, but I accepted it. We made the necessary arrangements for accommodation, leave from work and babysitting for Alex and left on Sunday. On Saturday night, before we left I thought I'd double check that I have all the necessary documents completed and ready for submission. That was when I saw this:

"... Two (2) copies of recent full-face photograph, with blue background passport size. "

What's the problem, you ask?

this is the problem:

"..with blue background .."

Photos in Sydney for passport purposes are taken with a GREY background. Where was I going to find a shop with a suitable BLUE background?

So, at about 11pm, poor old Chris was trying to get a scanned copy of my photo retouched in Photoshop with a blue background taken from one of my old Malaysian passport photos. He did a good job too. Unfortunately the only photo quality paper I had in my printer was deemed "too thin" by the officer at the High Commission and instead he said tha the photos with the GREY background were okay to use.

Geez mate, if they're okay, then why aren't the instructions updated to say so? Had we known that, we would have been in bed asleep on Saturday night rather than fussing over those stupid passport photos!!!

Anyway, I should stop bitching about it as I have my passport now and I don't have to do this again for another 5 years. Thank goodness!

The nice part of the trip was that we did manage to have a nice dinner out on our own. We went to Aubergine at Griffith. Lovely restaurant, and we could not fault the food. We both had three courses and were delighted with each course. the venison that I had for my first course was particularly well done. The place was full that night and as a result, the service suffered. It was not bad, but it just wasn't good either. Nobody told us what the specials for the day were and we didn't even know there were daily specials until I overheard the waiter reciting them to the table behind us. That was a disappointment. The other disappointment was that we asked for teh coffee and petit fours to arrive with our dessert but by the time our coffees arrived, we were well and truly done with our dessert. The petit fours never arrived. It wasn't that we really wanted them as I we were full by that stage but it was just that they were meant to come with teh coffee but never did make an appearance. We enjoyed our meal despite all that. I am not sure whether we will go back again as there are so many other lovely restaurants in Canberra that we are yet to try.

Knitting news? Nothing much happening on that front

Spinning news? What spinning?

Weaving news? Ah.. did I not mention that I bought a loom from Donni? I have not had much time to play with it yet. There are so many other things waiting for me.. I'll post piccies of my first project soon.

For now.. it's back to work for me. Another 38 minutes before the conference call begins...

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