Friday, June 06, 2008
Alex's new friends


I think the picture says it all, doesn't it?

We recently introduced Alex to the raw forms of some of his favourite food. Pumpkin is missing from the photo, but is often in amongst the jolly gang of vegetables. When we seat Alex at his high chair now, he asks for "Tayto", "Ah nin", "Pup kin" and "Gah lee". No prizes for guessing what they are. He has tried to much on them, but we managed to stop him in time. I think the smell of raw onion was rather off-putting anyway, and he hasn't tried again since.

I have been doing lots of cooking lately. My local fruit and vegetable shop has been selling off some over-ripe fruit cheaply. I scored a large bag of cherries recently which I turned into two jars of conserve.


I threw in some strawberries since I had those in the fridge.


Then I added some lemon rind, orange and lemon juice and sugar. The mixture was brought to the boil and then simmered till it was thick enough. easy peasy... and now i have two jars of preservative free cherry and strawberry conserve in the fridge. It has both Chris' and Alex's stamp of approval, so I think I will be making this again when I next find cheap fruit.

I don't have a good photo of the bag I made, so here's a little sneak peak:


I love the fabric!

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Monday, June 02, 2008
Okay, so it hasn't been quite six weeks since the last post

I just thought I should try not to make posting once every six weeks a habit.. so here I am, before the six weeks are up.

I was in San Francisco in may, but there are no photos from the this trip. I have photos of things I bought during the trip, though. they're in Chris' camera so I'll have to post them another day.

What have I got to show today? Lots of things, none of which are related to knitting.

1. Sewing

Reversible bag 1

Reversible bag 2

2. Alex
Oh the joys of self-feeding. He now wants to feed himself and refuses to relinquish control of the spoon during mealtimes until he gets frustrated. When he does, he doesn't just offer me the spoon, he pushes it towards me with lots of frustrated gesturing and loud noises. He also picks and chooses what he wants to eat from his plate. He loves peas and picks those out first, followed by corn and carrots. He also likes to alternate those with mouthfuls of rice or small pasta.

Oh and he also loves his new cup, which was a gift from Danielle and her daughter Bernice. I like that he no longer needs the sippy attachment to the cups but what a mess he can make when he decides that it is fun to tip the cup all over himself!

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