Friday, February 13, 2009
Victorian bushfires

It saddens me that the fires have left so many dead and even more homeless. Although I don't know anyone personally who have been affected, I know friends and relatives of friends have been. Everyday we see the plight of those left grieving on the news and in the papers.

It makes me even sadder to think that some or all of these fires were deliberately lit. even today, after the terrors that we have seen, more fires have been deliberately lit. What kind of screwed up a$$hole must you be to do such an evil thing?

There are people raising funds for the victims of these bushfires everywhere. Some people I know have put together webstores specially dedicated to raising funds for these people and many of us who sell handmade things have donated items for sale. The proceeds from all these sales and auctions will go to the relief fund. Yes, 100%. Not just the profit or a percentage of the takings. ALL of it will go to them. That's the least we could do.

So, if you're looking for a gift for yourself or someone else, have a look at these stores and buy something or bid on something.

Cherub's Kiss
Possum Pouches
Victorian Bush Fire Relief on Ozebaby Check out this one.. I have my things here!
Victorian Bushfire Appeal at the Cloth Pad Shop
CGR design
Winemakerssister She is pledging 50% of her sales from now till end of February to the cause
Oz Bushfire Appeal @ Etsy

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