Friday, November 21, 2008
Lots of weaving and not much else


Both scarves will be up for sale on Etsy shortly. I just need to make sure they are dry and measure them up for the description in the listing.

I have done some knitting, but just a little

Yes, that's right.. little. They are little sock shaped tree ornaments. I will need to weigh them down and I am thinking that perhaps a mintie or a small piece of chocolate will do.

On the spinning side of things, I haven't got anything new to show.. just something I spun a while ago but was having difficulty photographing.

The red wasn't coming out quite right. I finally managed to get a photo and so the yarn is now up on Etsy. It's over 200g of a single ply yarn spun from Crown Mountain's hand painted Corriedale. I love the red red redness of it and am now wondering whether I should keep it for myself.I guess if I decide to make something with it I can always cancel the listing, and if it gets sold before then, I'll just have to get more of it to spin!

for one of my swaps I have made a little foldover envelope thing for keeping nappies wipes, bibs .. you name it. I don't know what to call it. A mum's pouch? It has a little compartment for some plastic utensils and plenty fo room for wipes and nappies and even a bib or two.

On the inside I lined it with some cotton batik fabric.

I hope the recipient likes it.. She has a child Alex's age, and so she will be, like me, carrying lots of wipes and nappies around with her.

Alex is well and very noisy now. He has worked out how to string words together and sometimes it all comes out as one big word like "tissuepaper" or "idoit"(I do it). Today I managed to get him some sunglasses from the Pumpkin Patch outlet store and he loves it. I guess it's the novelty of it. He likes putting them on and taking them off. It's cute to watch, but I think the novelty will wear off soon and it will be, like many of his toys, put aside. I hope he gets used to them though.

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Sunday, November 09, 2008
Back to old habits

2 weeks since my last post. Admittedly, it's not as bad as what it was previously, with entire months passing between posts, but still!

Normally Halloween is not a big deal here in Sydney. If we're lucky, we may get a couple of trick-or-treaters come our way. Otherwise, it's a night much like any other. This year, however, Alex's daycare decided to have a Halloween party. We had to dress the kids up for it. So, what could this very slack mother come up with?

I present to you, Alex the wizard:


He actually had a wand too, but we didn't have a good photo of him with it. The hat was from the $2 shop. The robe was home-made out of fabric scraps and the wand was made from cut up strips of cardboard wrapped in aluminum foil.

Not much has been done on the sewing front. I did make a pin cushion for a swap but it was a pretty basic one. It was my first pincushion and I stuffed it as tightly as I could, and even then, I am not sure it was stiff enough.


I packed it with a few little goodies and sent it on its way... and then I discovered that I had left part of the intended package out of the package! Can you say "careless"? So another package is on its way.. oops.

The package I received was nothing short of stunning. The pin cushion was more like a plushie than a pin cushion. I am not sure I want to poke pins into this little cutie.


Thank you, Donna!

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