Friday, June 05, 2009
Mother's day, atrip to Canberra, and a couple of birthdays

So.. since the last time I posted, we've celebrated Mother's day.

We went to the Kiribilli markets and then to Luna Park. Alex had great fun looking at all the colours at the market and then going around Luna Park. We were only there for a short time and so did not go on any rides. As it was threatening to rain all day (and did rain towards the afternoon), we took a few photos and left.

He's wearing a jumper I made for him last winter. It was HUGE on him when I completed it and now just look at it. he's about to outgrow it!

Alex also had fun getting to know his fat little twin in the funny mirror.

We all had a bit of fun with our distorted twins in on of the other mirrors.

However, what he loved most of all was the carousel. We'll have to go back another day and let him ride on the horses. Unfortunately I have a sneaky suspicion that there will be a massive tantrum when we try to leave, and I will be very sick going round and round on it with him!

In June the Old Bus depot Market at Canberra had Wool Day (or was it Wool Week?). We decided to make the trip and take Alex on his first long-ish car ride. He travelled surprisingly well. He slept between Bowral and Canberra and woke up just as we were approaching Canberra city. The first words out of his mouth were.. can you guess? "Are we there yet?"

We stayed at the Mantra on Northbourne and it was great. We had a whole one bedroom unit to ourselves with Alex in a portacot in the living area. The unit was fully furnished and they even provided dishwashing detergent. crockery and cutlery.

We had a takeaway meal on the night we arrived. After hearing a lot of good things about Sammy's Kitchen, we were looking forward to a good meal. Unfortunately it was anything but good. We ordered three dishes and not one was good. Chris described it as being "just on the right side of edible". The vegetables and seafood was frightfully overcooked. The fried noodles lacked flame and flavour. The chicken was a little odd but probably the best of the three dishes.

The following day was market day. Chris was very good and looked after Alex while I looked around and shopped. I didn't end up buying much - just a little fibre to play with and a few cheap (yes, really cheap) skeins of wool and alpaca.

By the time I was done, Alex was restless so we had to let him outside for a run.

Okay, maybe it was a little more than a run. He wanted to play a game he had made up and was busy telling us where to stand, how to stand and where to put our hands. Hilarious for the first couple of minutes, entertaining for the next few and then from there on in... let's just say I got tired of it rather quickly.

After that we went to the Belconnen market and had lunch at Beppe's Tuscan Kitchen. We will certainly go back there again. We ordered two dishes which were both excellent. After lunch we decided to have some dessert and we had a slice of ricotta cheese cake and a coffee and a hot chocolate. The hot chocolate was to die for. If for nothing else, I will go back just for that!

It was, according to the lady behind the counter, made from "cream and real chocolate" and frightfully "decadent". It certainly lived up to my expectations, and then some.

On the way home, Alex slept for most of the way and woke up as we were approaching the M7. I think the first thing we heard from him was, "It is dark"; and so it was.

Last weekend, Chris and I celebrated our birthdays by having Alex babysat and going out for a grown up meal and a movie. We watched the new Star Trek movie at the Imax cinema with free tickets thanks to a local radio station. We both enjoyed the movie, but I thought it was not trek-y enough. It was almost as if it was a commercialised version of Star Trek. It was not dorky enough. Oh, and don't get me started on the romance in that movie. That was just all wrong!!!

I am participating in a birthday swap on Ravelry, and for my birthday, I have received two presents. I know I have at least one more on its way. Yay!

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