Friday, May 08, 2009
My slightly early Mother's Day gift

I have a new baby and I have not mentioned it here.

This is what I have been sewing on for the past couple of weeks.

I love it.

This is my first computerised sewing machine (aside from a short fling with a Singer Curvy 8770). I love all the nifty little things it has that my old dinosaur did not have. Funnily enough, it is the little things that thrill me most. A needle threader! Yes, something that threads the needle for me. How good is that?!

It does not have as many stitches as some other machines, but it does have all the stitches I would use. It does not have many embroidery stitches but really, how often will I use those?

Okay, so my short fling with the Curvy 8770. I bought it on Ebay for a song and Mum was going to take my dinosaur, but after sewing on the Curvy, there was no way I could give Mum the dinosaur. So Mum got the Curvy for Mother's Day and I got the Janome.

In comparison, the Curvy does not feel as sturdy as the Janome although it is heavier. It doesn't matter for Mum though, as she would rarely use it to sew heavy fabrics.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009
Lots and lots of new wool in stock!

I have just updated my store with new stuff

Some sock yarn.. well LOTS of sock yarn

Some Cestari Fine and Superfine merino in worsted weight

Some Bluefaced Leicester tops

All prices are in Australian $ with $5 flat postage rate within Australia. Extra for registered post or express post. If you're not in Australia, drop me an email to ask for the international postage rate.

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Winter is here and we need pants
I guess it's technically still AAutumn but the cold weather has arrived and Alex needs more pants. He has outgrown some of those that I made last year so I have had to make him more.

While mum was here, I cut out a pair intending for her to make them but I ended up sewing them up while she was busy cooking us some yummy yummies. Unfortunately they are now work, well loved and in the wash. No photos.

I have since made another two pairs.

Here's the first.

I love the pocket detail on it.

Well, some of the pocket detail anyway..

I clearly failed the "pocket placement" class. Oh well, Alex won't mind as he won't even notice that those are there.

After that failed attempt, I decided to make another.

I chose to use a lighter fabric this time and to make the lower panel the same fabric as the pocket detail. Oh, and no back pockets this time!!

I also like the faux fly detail in this pattern. It makes it look more like "real" pants, in my opinion. The darker pair had the same detail but it can barely be seen as the corduroy is too dark.

Oh, and pocket detail once again.

I am not sure I like the different coloured lower fabric that much. Makes it look a bit pyjama-ish.. don't you think?

I guess it will be okay for daycare.

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