Thursday, June 30, 2011
Brrrrr.. it is cold indeed

I am sure I say this every winter, and it does feel true every winter, "This is the coldest winter yet!"

Does being cold make you feel like cooking warm hearty meals too? i know it makes me crave comfort food like chicken noodle soup (tonight's dinner) and macaroni cheese (most likely tomorrow night's dinner). Diet? What diet? It's impossible to lose weight in winter. Winter is when I cook lots of soup and stews. It's when the dutch oven comes out, the roasting pan is in use and the slow cooker makes an appearance. Nothing like a warm meal on a cold winter's night.

For a person who cooks a lot, I am still missing a few cooking appliances and various things. Among the things I'd love to have and still don't have are a waffle iron (one ofthe traditional ones,not an electric one), an icecream maker and a pressure cooker... which brings me to the "real" reason for this post. There is a competition to win a pressure cooker/slow cooker 2-in-1 thingimajig over at Frills in the hills. I want to win it! I can already imagine all the things that I can cook in it. Oh yum! If you want one of those things,a nd a whole lot of cookbooks, just head over there to read the terms and conditions. no, wait. DON'T head over there. I don't need anyone else fighting me for that pressure cooker!

Saturday, June 25, 2011
Another hooded pullover

Alex loves hoods on his pullovers and jackets. He's still at an age where he loves wearing his mummy-made clothes. How could I resist? He's outgrowing his handknits rapidly. Ihad to whip up another pullover to keep him warm, but I experimented a little. It didn't all work out, unfortunately.

As you can see the neckline is a little wide. It's so wide, in fact, that I don't have to undo the buttons to pull it over his head. I wanted to make the neckline a crew neck but that didn't really work out.

I do like the cable on the sleeves, though. It is a simple 9 stitch 3x3x3 braided cable, and it's very effective in adding some interest to the jumper.

I used a skinnier version of the same cable (2x2x2) on the pocket, but the photos are not clear enough for you to see the cables.

Alex loves his new jumper. He loves it more than I do.

You know me, though. I don't give up. I am now knitting him another hoodie, with a different hood. Same concept as the hoods on my Alex jacket and Lee pullover, seamless from the top down, but a different shape with a lot less room around the face. It will also have a different neckline. That's all I can reveal right now. I'm working out the details and I'll have a picture soon. Interested? I hope to be calling for test knitters in a few weeks' time.

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Saturday, June 04, 2011
Cars 2!

Alex has always loved Cars - well, both the movie and the things on four wheels. He wanted to be Lightning McQueen. He loves the movies, reads the books and even has a quilt cover with lightning McQueen on it (Thank you, Cousin Beck!) My mum did not understand the attraction of the Pixar movies till we visited a couple of years ago and brought with us some movies to keep Alex entertained on the plane. She watched them with him when we were in KL, and found herself enthralled by the stories. "They're almst human", I think, was one of her comments.

So they are too. I love how the cars in Cars are given human characteristics and expressions. I love that they have such human emotons that sometimes it is easy to forget that they are "just cars". So Alex loves Cars, but he's not the only one in this household.

Coming soon, is Cars 2. Alex doesn't know about it yet. I dare not tell him as he will otherwise be nagging me to take him to watch it. Here's a sneak peak of what is going to be in it.

If you're in Australia and have a blog, post about Cars2 to win some movie passes to go see this movie! Terms and conditions

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