Thursday, June 30, 2011
Brrrrr.. it is cold indeed

I am sure I say this every winter, and it does feel true every winter, "This is the coldest winter yet!"

Does being cold make you feel like cooking warm hearty meals too? i know it makes me crave comfort food like chicken noodle soup (tonight's dinner) and macaroni cheese (most likely tomorrow night's dinner). Diet? What diet? It's impossible to lose weight in winter. Winter is when I cook lots of soup and stews. It's when the dutch oven comes out, the roasting pan is in use and the slow cooker makes an appearance. Nothing like a warm meal on a cold winter's night.

For a person who cooks a lot, I am still missing a few cooking appliances and various things. Among the things I'd love to have and still don't have are a waffle iron (one ofthe traditional ones,not an electric one), an icecream maker and a pressure cooker... which brings me to the "real" reason for this post. There is a competition to win a pressure cooker/slow cooker 2-in-1 thingimajig over at Frills in the hills. I want to win it! I can already imagine all the things that I can cook in it. Oh yum! If you want one of those things,a nd a whole lot of cookbooks, just head over there to read the terms and conditions. no, wait. DON'T head over there. I don't need anyone else fighting me for that pressure cooker!
Ahhh... Celia - a woman after my own heart. I love kitchen gadgets!! Even though I'm not a huge fan of cooking.

On my want list next is a food processor. Just the electric one.
You made me click!
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