Wednesday, May 18, 2011
mmmmm... caaaaaaake...

Okay, so I am not very good at arranging pear slices.. but it was still very delicious, pears falling off the cake or not!

The recipe is from - here.

Be warned, this cake is NOT good for people on diet. It is tasty and more-ish. Very more-ish. See that shiny glossy caramel on top? That's brown sugar and butter. I told you it's not good for people on diet (unless it is a weight gain diet).

Last Sunday, I went to Canberra with some friends to have a look at Wool Day at the Old Bus Depot Markets. I didn't end up buying any wool but instead came home with some very delicious dip, sweet sweet persimmons, goat's milk soap and some nuts... and a recipe for pear and almond upside-down cake. The girls were talking about it in the car and made it sound so delicious and easy, I could not help myself.

So there you have it, hardly a week has passed and I have already made my first pear and almond cake. Not only that, I am already dreaming up variations.. persimmons, apples, peaches, apricots, quinces, and so many other varieties of fruits.

I did not follow the recipe exactly, though. I did not have buttermilk in the house, and so I substituted with half a cup of yoghurt and half a cup of milk. Seems to have worked. The cake is lovely and moist. Despite reducing the sugar by a touch (and substituting with a little extra yoghurt), it is a touch too sweet for me and I will probably reduce the sugar content further next time.

Maybe apples next time?

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Glad you like it - I think that its a good cake!
Oh hey, I've made that recipe. Isn't it gooooooood. Goes very well with French Earl Grey
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