Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Travelling Woman

She sure is going to travel. I made this as a project for the "Will work for yarn" group on Ravelry. The incentive was that I got to work on a shawl in my knitting queue with yarn provided by someone else and get paid for my efforts with yarn. Brilliant! I probably wouldn't do this often or for many people, but the yarn supplied was a skein of Wollmeise Twin in Blau Tinte and I was paid in Wollmeise as well. So, I am just waiting for the floods to recede a bit before sending her off on her journey to her new home.

Travelling Woman is an easy pattern to follow. the best thing about the pattern, to me, is the instructions for upsizing the shawl. I added a few extra rows of stocking stitch to the centre bit and lace repeat to the outer part and voila! a shawl large enough to wrap like a warm hug. It is not as deep as your typical triangle shawl. In fact it blocked out into a shape that resembled a crescent more than a triangle.

Here she is, folded and waiting patiently...

Wollmeise, universal currency for knitters?

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Sounds like a fab idea!
Celia that shawl is beautiful. Can I ask how much it would be to buy one of them? I would love one for my mum for winter :)gawae
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