Thursday, December 02, 2010
Ad break

Just interrupting the series of posts about our big road trip with a short ad break.

Celia's Basket is stocked up with yarns and stitchmarkers again. I may add a few more markers tomorrow but aside from that, everything is up, waiting to go live tomorrow night at 8pm Sydney time.

Someone asked me recently why I am now setting everything to preview before going live on Friday nights. Well, I was previously getting complaints that I stock the store at odd and unpredictable hours and certain somebodies - you know who you are :) - said that they kept missing out on the goodies they wanted. So now everyone can see what is going to go up and if you really want something, you know what time to jump on the store and snag it!

We are also introducing a new yarn this week. I have named her Beauty as she really is a thing of beauty - firmly spun superwash merino 4ply with a slight sheen. Put up of about 330m per 100g, there's enough for a pair of socks or a scarf. If you want a stole, you'll need 2 skeins. As I am winding these skeins off myself, if you want a larger skein to avoid knots, just send me a message through the store and I'll be happy to dye up a custom lot for you.

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