Thursday, September 16, 2010
Socks socks socks

I must be on a roll for socks right now. I have completed the socks I was testing for Margaret. There's my Royal Pair.

I love them so much I am wearing them now. Nice comfy socks with just enough stretch to be firm but not too tight.

Can you see how the two socks don't match exactly? It's not just the pattern (which is my mistake) but the yarn. I knit it from two 50g skeins of handdyed yarn that I bought in someone else's destash some time back. It's not her fault they don't match - she did not dye them herself. I am just a little disappointed that tone skein had quite obvious grey spots in it and teh other didn't. I amactually glad now that I did nto use the yarn for a scarf like I had intended to at first. the mismatch would have been very obvious when I changed skeins. At least in socks.. well, they are just socks.

I also completed the second sock using my own Toughstuff yarn in colourway "ed". I call teh second sock "Ed Slipped". It is a simple design using a variation of the linen stitch for the leg and the instep. The fabric is firm with a little stretch, but not so stiff that it stands on its own. Another very comfy sock. I like how the slipped stitch pattern breaks up teh varigation a little but still allows some of it to show through.

I am calling for testers now. If you are a Raveler and want to test for me, sign up here.

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