Tuesday, July 17, 2012
My needles are on fire!

Last night I finished this, which was a test knit.

It was a quick knit, and the construction is simple and effective. The vest is knitted in two strips which are seamed on the sides and the back. Since it was all garter stitch, it was easy to knit while watching tv. If you decide to knit it, I would recommend marking the start and end of each section and matching the number of ridges between the markers. This makes the seaming much easier. Trust me.

And how about this quirky little number?

It is another test knit. looks like I am doing a whole lot of test knitting lately. Well, I have a reason. A couple of my friends is having a baby - their first. I am stocking up on baby knits for them. Little bubba is due any time now, and I look forward to waking up to an email from them announcing the birth of their long awaited baby.

On the needles right now, I have a pullover I am knitting in exchange for some lovely Mad Tosh merino light in ink. The pullover has lace and cables down the front and cables on the sleeve so that's my "not so portable" project that requires a lot of concentration. Pictures when I actually have a bit more to show. The cable is easy and effective. I think I am going to be reusing the cable on some other garment.

I love the garter vest especially! Baby sized? (because I would wear it!)
Did the pattern for the garter stitch vest ever get published/posted?
I believe it did, but I'll have to search on ravelry to see what the name is. It was not my pattern. I was testing for someone else's
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