Sunday, August 14, 2005
Fantastic LYS


We had our first knitting get together at Rubi and Lana yesterday. It was great. As soon as we stepped in, we knew we were in trouble. It is a gorgeous store. There was so much to lookk at, to touch and feel, oh, and buy! Sally and I were whispering between ourselves that maybe meeting at a yarn store is not so wise for our bank accounts.

Paula, the lady there - owner, I think - is lovely. She came and sat with us when she was not busy with customers. I think all of us ended up walking out with something or other. I walked out with a couple of balls of yarn which I had not seen before. If they were not intended for my secret pals, I would photograph them to show you. The colours are really pretty, and so reasonable too! They also have their own yarns in various weights in many pretty colours.

We will definitely be going back there for as long as Paula is happy to have us there.


I now own a set of Denise Interchangeables! I have not had time to try them out yet, but both Sally and Kate tried them on swatches, when we were at Rubi and Lana's yesterday. They both seemed to think they were nice to use. I'll have to find a project to use them on. I also bought a pair of Addi bamboo circular needles in 3.5mm. I need them for the neckline and armhole of the Veste Everest when I eventually get to it.


It was a bright and sunny day today when the entire Hernandez clan, myself included, went to the Blacktown Drive In Trash and Treasure market. It was... uhm.. interesting. It was mainly a whole lot of people trying to sell the contets of their garage, I think. There was a lot of old comics, books, motors(??), rusty nails (???) and even a box of old keys (we did not see the matching locks beng sold). I thik going there was a once in a lifetime experience for me.

The signboard out the front did say that one could find new and used items and craft items. Yeah, right! The only craft items I found were a box of icky acrylic eyelash type yarn. For $1 a ball, I guess it wasn't bad, but heck, I don't need any more icky acrylic yarn.


We watched the Soweto Gospel Choir perform at the Hills Centre last night. It was amazing. The voices were beautiful and we really enjoyed the show. We were seated in a god location and managed to get a good view of the stage, but we were a little disappointed by the venue as the seats were cramped. It also sounded like the sound guys weren't doing a great job with the mixing.

The Harlem Gspel Choir comes out again in a few months. I think we've learnt now and we'll go watch them at the Opera House instead!

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