Monday, August 08, 2005
Scarf Exchange Update


Krystofer is knitting his in recycled sari silk. Interesting. I wonder what the scarf will be like. I have seen recycled silk in many different colour combinations and it always seems so random. Definitely no pooling, I guess.

Kristen's scarf is being made in Misty Alpaca. That looks pretty yummy too.

Did I mention that Alicia has finished her scarf?

Jena has started hers too.

Jennifer, please don't feel intimidated. I know there are soem pretty scarves in the blogs. I am sure you'rs will be pretty too. You're not the only one crocheting yoru scarf. i know at least one other person who will be using crochet on her scarf.

As for me, well, I have started mine. It's blue, purple and white. It's going to be a mid-length farrow rib scarf with a ruffle at each end. I tried to tell Chris that the colours are like an abstract painting, and his reply? "Uhm, no. An abstract painting of a scarf, maybe?"


No, not the stuff you knit with, but a new local knitting magazine. OMG! It really is a new magazine! I have high hopes. Creative Knitting I found to be disappointing. I hope this is going to be better. The first issue comes out next month. Take a look here.


I went out shopping after work today and bought a packet of Continental mild curry mix, and some lamb mince. It's not curry as most know it. You know, not the stuff we eat back home. However, it was what I was craving. I didn't go as far as adding raisins and apricots as some people do. I can't eat sweet curry, but sometimes, just sometimes, I do enjoy this 'fake curry' stuff.
That's like how I can enjoy crab cheese wontons on occasion. NOT authentic, but it can still be delicious.
Finally cast on for my scarf!
I finished my scarf exchange scarf over the weekend. I hope to get it shipped out before the end of the month.
I cast on and have a good 8 inches done on mine! Pictures will be posted soon - I'm waiting to get through all the color changes and post one section as there are many blues and pinks and purple in mine ;)
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