Wednesday, July 27, 2005
Thank you Cynthia!


I received my swap package from Cynthia today. Wow!

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I received
  • 3 balls of Brown Seep Nature SPun in gorgeous blue-y colours

  • 3.4 oz of jet black alpaca feece

  • Lots of yummies
I am really pleased! I can't wait to spin up some of the alpaca, but I know myself too well. i knwo I will end up saving it because it is so soft and lovely and I won't want to 'waste' it and I'll end up wanting to keep it till my spinning skills are better. Crazy, huh? But that's me, and that's how my stash got to its current size. I just hoard all the yummy stuff because I don't want to 'waste' it.

Cotton Lace Tee

4 more rows of the body before I bind it off and start on the sleeves. I can't wait! I am so tired of rows that take 15 minutes to complete (yes, I timed it). There are moments when I regret making this longer than the pattern said. What was I thinking?! I know I will probably be glad I did it when I finally get to wear it. I have a long body and most tops look short on me, so it is always wise to make my jumpers slightly longer. They key word, though, is 'slightly'. I cast on an extra 50%. Yup, that's right. I was meant to cast on just over 60 stitches (I don't remember how many) and I actually cast on just over 90 stitches!

Knitting Get Together

I never make it to SSK because it seems to take such a lot of effort to go in to Newtown, and parking is always shocking there. Anyway, a group of knitters living near me decided that maybe we should start a separate knitting get-together on alternate Saturdays here (here, as in around the area, not here as in my house!). This week, we will be meeting at Sally's. In a fortnight (and every fortnight after that, if it works out) we will be meeting at Rubi and Lana's, which is a new yarn store over at Gordon. Apparently they have a large table and cafes nearby. They also stock yummy yarn and Addis. Mmm, what could be better?

Scarf Exchange

No progress on my part. I need to finish knitting the Cotton Lace Tee first. Anyone else made any progress? Email me if you want a mention here. I will take time to go through all the blogs on the weekend. Meanwhile, I'll mention your blog if you email me and let me know you have some scarf exchange progress reported on it.

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