Friday, July 15, 2005
Balanced again!

I spun and plied about 100 metres of yarn tonight. I used some old sliver that I have had since I first bought the wheel. It was natural brown sheepy goodness (and by that, I do mean that it smells sheepy!) and wasn't too scratchy. I'll have to find out from Jenny what sort of sheep this came from. It's quite pleasant to spin as it still had a fair amount of lanolin on it (I think). That's probably what makes it smell sheepy. I am in two minds about washing it. I am thinking that maybe I should wash it and soak it in some conditioner to make it softer before knitting it. I was just going to knit it on large needles using a basic lace pattern. That would make a quick and simple scarf I think. Oh, and did I mention that this yarn is PERFECTLY balanced? that's right, not even a hint of a twist on the hank when I hung it. Yay!

I have sent out the scarf exchange emails tonight for the Surprise group. Please let me know if you have not received your email. Cynthia is helping me by allocating partners for the Knit only group. She will send out those emails. This means that I can play too! Thank you Cynthia, you're gem. Thanks for offering, Amy, but with your baby arriving soon and all, I didn't want to trouble you. I hpe you all enjoy making your scarves, and more than that, I hope all of you enjoy wearing the scarves you receive!

Chris has decided to sew his brother's cat instead of knitting it. (How did I guess that would happen?) He's sitting beside me as I type, sewing up the body of the cat. He's decided that the body of the cat will have patches. So now we have a body that could belong to either a cat or a cow! Photos tomorrow, when it's done. It's Joel's birthday on Sunday, the same day as my father's. We'll be spending the day at Chris' parents, after church in the morning. We went to collect the cake tonight. It's a banana caramel cake, but it looks like a banana toffee (banoffee)pie to me. I hope it's nice. It came from a cake shop (which is more ike a factory!) near my office. We've bought cakes from there before, for office birthdays, but we have never tried the banana caramel cake. I will also be making potato bake on Sunday (mental note to self - buy more potatoes!)

Chris is now stuffing the cat's body. It's coming out quite nicely. I think the cow patches are cute! I should stop blogging and go help him. It looks like he will be done soon.

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