Thursday, June 30, 2005
Scarf Exchange - Revision 1

All the rules are the same (refer to yesterda's post)

I just need one more piece of informationw hen you sign up. I have received a request fom a crocheter, you see. So, If you would like to be sure that the scarf you receive is knitted, say so when you sign up. If youw ould like to be surprised (meaning you could be matched with a crocheter, knitter or weaver), please say so too.

Everyone who has signed up so far will be in the "knit only" group, unless you email me again to say yoou would like to be in the "surprise" group.
So here's the info you have to send me (again, in case you missed the first time)


Email Address

Postal Address

Blog URL (if you have one)

Colour preferences

Yarn preferences (type of fibre, summer/winter weight, etc)

Fibre allergies

Colours you will definitely not wear

Yarns you will definitely not wear(mohair, eyelash, acrylic, angora, etc)

Scarf length preference (let's be reasonable here, no Dr Who scarf requests, ok?)

Other things your pal should know about you

Surprise or Knit Only group

Thanks for participating!

signed up, I think my email went thru if not please pop over to my blog and tell ill be mor ethan glad to resend it

I just sent you an email. Let me know if you did not get it.


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