Wednesday, June 15, 2005
Alpaca fleece from Blue Gum Alpacas

Arrived today. Yay! I can't wait to spin some of it up. I am busy trying to finish spinning up the other half of the 120g of Optim that I had started so that I can play it and get it off the bobbins before I start on the alpaca. I bought it from the listing on EBay, but the seller actually has a website here. I asked for 200g each of white, off white, fawn and black. She didn't have enough fawn (short by 12g) and she substituted that with 120g of rose grey. No, that is not a typo.. she was short by 12g and gave me 10 times as much as the amount by which she was short. What a generous seller! You can see the alpacas here. I have parts of fleeces from Tsunami, Ninka, Chantilly, Arizona and Pashmina. I have opened up the bags to feel the fleeces and they are gorgeous and soft and so yummy! Have I mentioned that I can't wait to try spinning it? So what am I doing here blogging??
Hot DAMN she's got some great customer service! That's awesome, and so nice of you to spread the word too. It's a good thing it wasn't yarn, b/c then I'd be over on EBAY checking it out, and I can't afford diddly right now. What are you going to make with the yarn you spin up?
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