Friday, June 10, 2005
Casual Cabled sweater completed

And it does not fit! It's is way too big. I guess it was meant to be big but I don't think I will be able to wear it out as it is a lot bigger than I would like it to be. I don't have pictures yet. Maybe tomorrow. It is now still drying on the floor with a fan pointed at it. How disappointing.

Apart front hat I haven't been doing much. I swatched again for the fern lace jumper I am test knitting for Figheadh using 4mm needles. Much better this time. I think I will stick to the 4mm needles. The Heirloom cotton is lovely to knit with. I washed and blocked my swatches and they came out beautifully. They have lovely drape and gorgeous colour. When I am done with this jumper I may get more to make another summer jumper with it. I'd like the other purplish colour they have. Maybe I will get it from Bendigo instead. They come in bigger balls when you buy from them - I hate weaving in the ends!

I went to spinning class again last night. I am starting to really enjoy these classes. I know Jenny spends a lot of time with me because I am a newbie, but I feel kind of bad about it as the other two ladies are just spinning on their own without much help from Jenny. I hope it's because they are pretty good spinners and they don't feel deprived of attention. Philip fixed up my wheel for me. Thank goodness! It's finally stopped going "clunk.. clunk.. clunk..". Thank you Philip! I also got my jumbo flyer and bobbins put on it. It spins nicely now. I also noticed last night that the wheel has a slight wobble in it but it isn't too bad. It's just very very slight, barely noticeable. Poor Jenny. I think she was quite appalled at the way my wheel was set up. i had put it together with some help from Chris, and neither of us knew what a wheel should look like, so I tied knots wherever I needed to - on the bands, on the leaders.. everywhere!

I have my eye on another wheel that someone is selling. I am going to test it out. We'll see how I go. I want to make sure that it is not faulty in any way and that I like spinning on it. I initially wanted it because it came with a chair and it was the chair that I wanted. But then, I guess a Traveller wheel will be handy. I need something that is easily portable for taking to spinning class with me. It's an older model, with a single treadle, but that's ok. It takes the same bobbins as my Ashford Traditional. That's great for me. I hope I am able to get it if I like it. The bidding does not end till Monday. It's going to be a long wait!

Hi Celia,

So sorry to hear that your cabled jumper doesn't fit, after all that work. The cable pattern is certainly beautiful and hopefully you'll be able to fix it enough to want to wear it!!!!!! Good luck with it.
Lyn (back from holidays)
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