Saturday, May 28, 2005
I lost my car?!

That's what Chris and I thought for about 20 minutes while we wandered around the car park at Macquarie Shopping Centre. It turned out that we were going around the wrong floors looking for my dear little car. The whole time that we were looking for it, I kept thinking "What if it was stolen? My knitting is in there. My two new skeins of Alpaca Cloud, Shimmer, and my half knitted cabled sweater front. Oh no!" Yes, I was having a mild panic attack. Boy, was I ever relieved to find the car, and all its contents intact.

I had taken my knitting with me this morning when we left the house as I was intending to go to Newtown for SSK. Once again, I didn't make it. Maybe next time...

We went into the city today for some Yum Cha at good old Marigold. Well, the 'real reason' we went in was to get Chris some new business trousers. It was a good excuse for yum cha, dn' you think? We did manage to get him some new black pants, and since we were 'in the area' we went to Tapestry Craft while waiting for his trousers to get altered. It was the first time I was there since they moved, and they were having a sale! Wow! I fondled many a soft yarn. I found some beautifully luxurious yarns. There was a soft 100% baby alpaca 14 ply yarn that was simply beautiful. It took all my self-restraint to walk out without getting any. I don't even know how much it cost per skein, since it was not priced. I also fondled some wool/possum blend that felt quite rough in the skein. However, when I fondled the miniature sweater that had been knit in it, WOW! It was soft. Even Chris said he would wear it, but at $17 per skein or whatever itw as, I wasn't sure I wantd to but it unless he would tell me for sure that he would wear it if I knit it into a scarf for him. Anyway, if you are in the area and have nothing better to do (like as if youneed an excuse!) go check out the Tapestry Craft sale. They also had plenty of bags of yarn that were heavily discounted. Lots of good stuff. (You may want to leave the credit card at home)

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