Wednesday, May 04, 2005
I am SO pleased!

I spun up the rest of my hand dyed merino top and here it is:

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That was the skein that I plied using two ends. I had misjudged the amount of wool I had spun on each bobbin and one bobbin had more than the other. So I was left with a small amount of wool on one bobbin only. I thought to myself, "What better time to learn Navajo plying!", and so I did. This is the result:

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I didn't think it came out too badly. I had too much twist in it when I was plying, so I soaked it and let it dry to set the twist. It set ok, and I quite like it. I certainly need more practice with Navajo plying. I think I like it. It significantly reduces the 'barber-pole' effect, but it's harder to control I think. It is a lot less mindless to do.

I was thinking of turning the larger skein into this. I think the variegated colours will look good on this scarf, a little less boring, you know. However, I only have about 75 metres. I am not sure thatw ill be enough. I may end up with half a scarf!

On the weekend, I also plied the rest of the wool I had spun earlier and put it through a Kool-aid bath. The colour came out blotchy, but that's ok, as I did not want it to be even anyway. I mas thinking of turning this lot of yarn into a bucket hat. Maybe a felted one.

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Not sure that I have enough, though. Maybe a small scarf.

On the sock front, I am testing my pattern using the second sock. I have found errors already - sorry testers! I hope that it will be ready soon. It knits up quite quickly - more holes than yarn I think! The next time I do it, I will probably knit it in a plain colour or a variegated yarn that's not so 'busy'.
You have every reason to be pleased, that wool is beautiful, love the colour,
What fun to be able to spin your own yarn and dye it in your own colours.
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