Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Knitpicks does NOT post to Australia??!!

Yup, That's right... Kitpicks does not post outside of the USA and Canada. How sad..

My list of possible purchases in June now looks like this:

1. A cone of the cashmere or silk or blend from Ozeyarn

2. Some Peruvian Collection Baby Silk

3. Some Peruvian Collection Baby Cashmere

4. Some Peruvian Pure Alpaca

5. Bendigo Mills Alpaca

6. Knitpicks' Andean Silk

7. Kitpicks' Radiance Wave

8. Knitpicks' Andean Treasure

9. Knitpicks' Alpaca Cloud

10. Knitpicks' Shimmer

Oh well, that just means that I have fewer things to pick from. I guess that's nto a bad thing. I really did want some of that laceweight stuff from knitpicks, though. I have heard so much about it that I'm dying to try some. I hope they start selling outside of North America real soon!

Ok. Enough whining about Knitpicks! I am not allowing myself to buy any yarn till Jne anyway. maybe things will change by then.

Look what I made on the weekend:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

My colleague in the US was expecting a grandchild whle I was at work on Friday. I am expecting that the little tyke was born some time on the weekend. I thought I'd knit something for him... and ended upw ith a hat, a pair of mittens and booties - my own design. It's now got to go in the mail, and fingers crossed, it will arrive before the baby grows out of them!

I used Patons Zest, which is probably the softest most wonderful acrylic I have ever knit with. I am not sure I like the shiny finish, but it's so soft!

Now, would you believe that I can;t find the scarf I was knitting? I was half way through testing the pattern for Figheah, and I thought I'd put it away while waiting for some corrections. It's now missing! I hope it will show up soon, as I really do want to finish it. Silly me.. I probably left it somewhere "safe". Yeah, right!

I was contacted by deGroots (a restaurant review site) asking whether I wanted to link my comments about Pilu to their website. Of course I do, but I can't be bothered going back to my previous post to re-do the links. So here it is. Go take a look. deGroots is a great resource if you are looking for a restaurant in Australia. The sample menus give a fairly good indication of what to expect n the restaurant. From time to time, they also feature promotional deals. Fabulous!

1. Blah on the Knitpicks - hmph and double hmph.
2. Beautiful set (of your own design no less!)
Such a cute baby set. Some of the baby acrylic yarn is amazingly soft.
oh they are sooo cute!! Congrats.
Now send me the patterns!!
And don't worry about the knitpicks. We have ways of sorting these things out! *winks*
If you do paypal, or could send a M.O., I could buy some knitpicks yarn and send it to you. Just let me know, ok?

That baby set is adorable!
love you booties, so cute! Im actually started some for my fiance's sis that's due anytime this week. Well, so much had happened lately, Im really not in the mood to knit. Hope she's forgive me for send it late.
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