Sunday, February 27, 2005
A weekend of indulgence, and now I need another to recover form it!

My father was here this weekend, and Chris and I have spent much of the weekend eating with him.

We had two meals at Prime (count that.. yes, one, two.. two meals) in two nights! We also had yumcha with the ENTIRE Cooper-Garrett clan at the Manly Phoenix, which was rather pleasant. It was a lot quieter than the bustling yumcha places that we are used to in Chinatown. I guess, it's not bad, just different.

Oh, and today we had pho at An, which serves, what I think is easily the best pho in town. I have eaten pho both here and in Malaysia, and I have not had better pho anywhere else. Service is quick and food is good, what more could one ask?

Dad was kind enough to bring me my sewing machine, which I now have to learn to use. I wonder what I will make first. I considered some new curtains for my flat. It will add some colour to my living room and kitchen, and how hard can it be to sew rectangles, right? I still feel intimidated. Maybe I will sew the liningfor some of my knitted bags first.

Dad has left now, and gosh, I am exhausted.

I have hardly knitted all weekend. I have hardly had time. I doubt I'll have any time to knit this week as work is so busy, and what's more, classes start again this week.

Have I mentioned what a mess I have gotten myself into with classes this term? The univesity is fully aware that I am working fulltime. When I enrolled for classes, I deliberately selected evening classes as I will not be able to attened any day-time classes. So where have they ecided to put me? In a 1pm Wednesday class - WHAT THE?? When I wrote in to explain the problem, I was told that the evening class is now full. So what am I to do now? I was told to "wait and see" as some students may decide to drop out of the evening class. So what am I to do if nobody drops out?! [sigh...]
hey celia,
have you tried talking either to the department head or the professor that is teaching the class? i would also write a formal complaint, b/c that's very unfair. You could camp out at the evening class, and ask if anyone would prefer a day time class and trade? And what is yumcha? is that dimsum? your post made me very hungry. The only thing you neglected to mention was potstickers. Mmmmmm....
Whats pho?
Is it vegetarian? Is it sweet? Sounds lovely.
Great that your dad's visited you! When I was in China, my mom never came over though I had an open invitation to her to stay at my place and on my expenses...sigh
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