Wednesday, January 12, 2005
2 more sleeps...

and two more days at work...

I can't wait! I have started packing but I don't know how much to bring. I expect to do some shopping in KL - ok, well, a lot of shopping! As usual, I am sure I will be packing too much..

I have packed Chris' pressies for my parents. Those were the first things to go into the bag. I now have to work out what else I am packing. There isn't much space left after I pack the presents.. and I am thinking I should pack two bags instead of one. You know, I still have not received my tickets. I should be getting them tomorrow. I had better be getting them tomorrow! I fly the next day.

The Opal socks are coming along nicely. Since I was using a 100g ball, I made the socks slightly longer than usual. I am not sure I like them so long. I am up to my 10th stripe of 15 stripes for the leg of the second sock. I doubt I will be able to finish the sock before leaving Sydney - I will just have to take it with me.

Remember the Nouveau shawl?
I am thinking of bringing some red mohair wool with me to crochet that on board the plane. I know they won't allow me to bring needles on board a plane, but surely they wont object to a crochet hook. I am actually considering bringing a pair of skewers to use as needles on teh plane. If they decide not to allow that on board the plane, what wuld I have lost - a pair of skewers! However, what can I knit with 3mm skewers? I am thinking of something lacey.. what do you think? Maybe a lacey version of the multidirectional scarf? But using 3mm needles, that will take me forever to finish!

I don't know what else can take with me to crochet. I'd like to make a shawl, but can't think of a suitable pattern. Do you have one to recommend?

Hi Celia
areyou bringing your spindle? Would be cool to see you spinning in person
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