Tuesday, December 21, 2004
3 more sleeps to Christmas Eve

That's right, I count sleeps to Christmas Eve and not Christmas day. that is because the big celebration at the Hernandezs' is on Christmas Eve. tehy are also the only people I know who open presents on Christmas Eve. Suits me fine, as I'd rather not have to get out of bed at some unearthy hour on Christmas day to open presents with the family.

All presents are wrapped and ready to go. I hand dyed some hand spun wool to use as ribbons on the presents. This year's present theme is 'home made' you see, and none of the presents are really home made, so I decided to compensate for that by adding hand made trimmings to the presents. I printed out some gift tags and they don't look half bad.

I am about 5 inches into my leaf panel tank. I still have another 20 or so inches to go. the pattern says that it should measure 22 inches in length, but I think I will make it a wee bit longer. I dout I will have it finished any time soon. The pattern is writtenfor knitting flat and I converted it to knitting in theround. what I now have to do is read every other row backwards, reversing the knit and purl stitches at the same time. I hope the pattern will become apparent soon so I can just knit by looking at the work rather than trying to decipher the instructions.

I got bored of spinning white fibre tonight, so I dyed some of the pencil roving with some pinks and blues and it's come out purple-ish. It's looking good. I can't wait for it to dry so that I can spin it. I am going to ply it with the yarn spun from the white pencil roving to get a twisted colours look. Now that I have unwound the roving into a skein, I think I will have to spin it off the swift as I dont have a winder large enough to wind it back into a ball or 'cheese'. Silly me forgot to wear gloves when dyeing the roving and now I have blue fingers! I hope it washes off tomorrow.

I also put up a tv for sale on Ebay. You can find it by clicking on the link on the right - yes, that's right, the one that says "things I am selling on Ebay". Interested? Only if you are in Sydney. It is so HUGE, and heavy, thee is no way I am going to attempt to post it. It's brand new and it's a prize from work which I don't really want. I also can't fit it into my house through the narrow door way!
Celia, we've always opened our gifts on Christmas Eve! I prefer it that way too. The cakes are beautiful. Merry Christmas!

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