Thursday, December 09, 2004
Virginia Farm rocks!

I went to Virginia Farms today to buy some fibre. I wanted to be able to play with my wheel over the Christmas break,a nd I wanted to make sure I had stuff to ply with before the shops closed for the year. Jenny, the lady who owns the place rocks! She gave me a quickie spinning lesson. She made it seem so easy, but I am sure that is deceptive. She offered to let me have a go at her spinning wheel, but I decided that maybe I should learn to work the treadle first - Chris does not tease me for being 'unco' for no reason! I bought some 250g of white wool top and 200g of grey-brown sheepy looking sliver. I can't wait!

I also met a lady I had never seen before, and she recognised me from my blog! WOW! It's a little disconcerting, you know, being recognised from my blog. I don't know whether I like that. hwover, I guess that's what happens when you keep a public blog - people know what you choose to tell them.

I finished the Farrow Rib Scarf for Granddad tonight. It measures about 50inches. I ran out of black wool. It looks pretty good. I tried different cast off methods to see which would work best. I ended up casting off the 'normal way' (k2, pass stitch over, *k1, pass stitch over repreat from *)The firmer cast off seemed to suit this scarf as it did not really need any elasticity.

I packed Diana's gift exchange today and it should reach Melbourne by next week. I hope she enjoys it. I never know what to send for these gift exchanges. Oh , and that reminds me, I have not heard from Christina yet. I hope she has received her package, or will receive it soon, but I doubt she will get it till next week. the parcel has to travel from here to London, which is a fair way for anyone. Here's a picture of what I sent her.

Want a closer look at those stitch markers?

I am looking forward to going to SSK this weekend. I have never been to a knitting group before. What do I expect it will be like? FUN! (I hope) the pictures always look like they have lots of fun. i have wanted to join them for a while, and now I get to go play with them on Saturday!

I have not made much progress on the shapely tank nor Tempting. So much for finishing one of them by this wekend, huh.. Well, it's back to knitting for me.
Hi Celia
Sorry I scared you yesterday at Virginia Farm. I'm really not that scary, but on reading your comment about being recognised, I guess I should have introduced myself. You'll know me from JDIKs, I'm Jewel. Say Hi to M-H and the gang at SSK for me on the weekend. Maybe I'll catch up with you there one day. Good luck with your spinning. I know you'll have lots of fun with it! Jewel
Hi Christina c here .
I just found this YES YES YES they all arrived here & I ADORE each & everyone !!!!!
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