Wednesday, December 08, 2004
Elann sale .. and I had to resist

Elann is having a sale on its Peruvian Baby silk (baby Alpace silk blend). It's a 4ply yarn and I think it will be perfect for a lace shawl. However, having just purchased a spinning wheel, how can I justify the purchase of more yarn? And have you seen my stash of yarn?! But I want it so badly.. so I went ahead and filled my shopping cart with some sapphire, aubergine and mocha yarn.. and then I let it all go, and my selections vanished into the realm of virtual nothingness.

I keep telling myself that thee will always be a next time, but like the spoilt only child that I am, I want it, and I want it NOW!

I turned away from Elann in disgust and worked on Tempting. I have now completed just over 5 inches. It's coming along well. I told my mum that I didn't like the ribbon bow, and she agreed that it was a bit much. I am thinking of cutting lengths of different coloured ribbons, sewing the ends, and attaching velcro to the ends so that the ribbons are removable and I can change he colour of the ribbon depending on my mood. Can anyone come up with a reason why that will not work? So I won't have a big bow on my front, just a neat little ribbon detail on the neckline.

Granddad's scarf is 60% done. I have completed about 35 inches. I will knit another 15 inches and see whether it is long enough. If it isn't I will knit an additional 10 inches. I don't know how long it needs to be, but I suspect somewhere between 50 and 60 inches is a good length.

Today I went for my first Pilates class in nearly a year. Oh man! I never knew my belly had those muscles. I feel sore now. I have never worked those muscles before and pulling them in was hard work. It was a good work out, though, and I probably had a better work out today than I do most other times I have been to the gym. So far I have lost about 4kg in as many weeks. My aim is to lose another 11 and then I'll stop. It's not like I am starving myself or anything like that. Hey, it's me, and food is my friend. I am just trying to be more selective about what I eat. I hope to have lost the other 11kg by mid next year. Wish me luck!
Hi Celia, I saw (from a link on Knitter's Review) the Jo Sharp Nouveau shawl you made - it's beautiful! I am thinking about making one, but I am very new at crocheting. How advanced do you think it is? Could you give me an idea of what kind of crochet stitches I would need to master first? Thanks! Katie (My email address is
Elann is very hard to resist and I'm glad I'm not the only one that has to smack their own hands to keep from hitting the buy now button.

Tempting is a pretty top and I look forward to seeing your progress on it. I like your idea for using the ribbon. I don't see why it shouldn't work.
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