Friday, December 03, 2004
Thank God for rain

That's right.. it rained today, and I am SO grateful! At least my flat is not hot and muggy today, and it's such a relief after the last few hot nights. It's much easier to knit when I am not hot and sweaty. When it's hot, even my super fan does not help. Sure, it's powerful and I can feel the breeze, but the breeze is HOT!

I have made more progress on the shapely tank. I have now completed the side shaping and am knitting the bt between the side shaping and the bust shaping. i should get to the bust shaping in another ten rows or so. I have decided to stop working on the shapely tank for now and start on Grandad's christmas present.

After struggling for a while trying to decide on the yarn, I settled on a (very large) ball of black pure wool crepe. I am knitting it in a farrow rib pattern.It's coming out ok. It's such an easy pattern it's almost mindless. Here it is
Cast on a multiple of three
Every row : Knit 2 Purl 1

I am going to knit till I run out of yarn or get bored - whichever comes first. I am now wondering whther I should add a fringe to it. What do you think? I m not sure what he woud prefer.

I went shopping at lunch time today and added another item to the Christmas present for the gift exchange organised on KR. I hope to post it off tomorrow.

I also stopped by at Esprit and bought a skirt. I was pleased to see it was cheaper than I thought it was. Thanks to Tiffany and her Esprit card, I got a 25% discount on the purchase which made me even happier! I also got to go baby clotehs shopping with Tiffany. don't you just love baby clothes. They are always so cute!

Back to knitting another couple of inches of the scarf before bedtime...
Hot eh? It's about 2 degrees C. in Scotland. Probibly drop to minus at night. Might even snow! Just thought I'd share!
HI Celia - diana from KR here,
Not trying to be anon. just don't want an account. LOVE the cabled scarf, great work girl. As for your Grandad's scarf - the farrow rib, I would leave the fringe off. It's a great manly design isn't it. Now your shapely tank - is that the free White Lies design becos I am thinking of making that with some Bendigo Harmony - wool/cotton/lycra but unsure of the wooly bit. Sydney has sweltered - you poor things. I won't tell you about all the air-con I have in my house - environmental vandal that I am, but I recycle everything
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