Wednesday, November 10, 2004
I have been baaaaaaad

Ok, so I know my exams are a week away and I should be spending every free moment I have studying. Should be and reality are two different things in my world!
i have comleted the tote bag and it went into the washing machine this morning.
Pictures here

It's a bit bright, don't you think? I will leave it up to Christina to decide whether she wants to line it or add a zip to it. It is ready for use as is. Christina asked for a tote bag. At first I thought I may not have time to knit one for her. But the pressure of exams does weird things to me! Anyway, that's if Christina decides she wants it...

I found that since it was knit in st st, it needed a row of crochet to 'stabilise' the edge so that it wouldn't flop too much. This is pretty much the last of my rainbow wool - thank goodness. After making two bags out of it, I'm not sure I want to make another item out of it. I still have a little bit left but I think that can be used to make something really small and really quick.

Ok no more knitting till after my exams. Take the needles away from me!!!!
I love your tote bag!
I think the colors are yummy too. :)

~ Chie
Hey Celia! I'm making a tote bag as well (variation of Julie A's Booga Bag) and was wondering--how tall/long is your felted tote? I'm using Lamb's pride worsted, and am figuring on 40% length shrinkage, but your proportions look "just right."
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