Monday, October 25, 2004
Pictures, pictures, pictures...

I finally got my act together and took photos of stuff I made (or started?) in the past few months.

First of all, here is my corcheted pig potholder. It's got straight eyes and straight nostrils this time, but it lacks character, don't you think? It just look boring.

And here are is the bag to which I added a button from the collection of buttons I received from Brit last week. The blue button works well, don't you think? I designed the bag myself and it's knitted from hand dyed wool. The wool was originally cream coloured and I dyed in with some pink, blue, and yellow (the green is just from the mixing of the blue and yellow dyes). I'm usually not a pastel kind of girl, but I must say I do like this bag. i could not decide how the strap should be, so I just knitted two long pieces and tied them in a knot after the bag was fulled. The button loop is just an i-cord loop.

Oh, and that blanket I am piecing together.. here it is

Mmm.. what other pictures have I got? Oh yes, and the gloves I made last week. Here are two views - front and back. Chris calls them Madonna gloves. I think they are just a wee bit too practical to be called that. I named them 'Lazy' - because they are a result of my laziness; I could not be bothered to knit the fingers! I have written the pattern, but have not had time to check what I have written yet. I'll put it up on Celia's basket soon.

Yes, and I must not forget my new pet. We had a stroke of genius(??) while shopping on the weekend. Chris and I were buying fruits and vegetables when we decided we needed to buys some basil for dinner. So instead of buying a bunch of basil, we bought a pot of basil. Meet, my new pet, Basil

Ah, and before I forget, here's teh wool I am going to use on my first steeked project. Well, it's part of the yarn I plan touse. it's gorgeous and soft. I can't wait to start, but firt I have to knit a swatch and try a few steeks. I am very nervous about cutting my knitting! Oh my, it's going to be an adventure!

Apart from that I have been plodding along on the Laurel Hill. i hope to complete the front/back/whatever it is I am making real soon.
Hey Celia, it's Anne-Maree. I couldn't be bothered setting up an account so I have to sign in as Anonymous. :-s Oh well.

I think Piggy is very cute! He (or is it a she?) just needs a mouth. A big smiling mouth would look very cute!

Bag is beautiful, of course (sooo jealous at how good at all this stuff you are!), blanket is pretty, and the Lazy Madonna Gloves are very funky.

Oh, and hello Basil! *waves*
All of your projects are beautiful. I think the pig is really cute, and I love the bag.
Hi, I've just found your blog and I love the gloves/mittenettes/whatever. Have you written up the pattern yet? I'm very keen to make something like this for the cold UK winters
from Ginchy
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