Saturday, October 23, 2004
My first gloves - unfingered

This week I frogged my "Step Above" socks and used the wool to make gloves. I have never made gloves before but I figured, what the heck, it can't be that hard. I got past the thumb and started getting lazy, so I have what I call my "lazy gloves". They have one small opening for the thumb and one larger opening for all the the other fingers. Pictures and pattern to come soon. my camera is out of batteries and right now the batteries are being charged. I hope to be able to take pictures of my new gloves by tomorrow morning.

Speaking of which.. I am going for yumcha tomorrow with Chris and two of his friends from Melbourne. I think we are going to Regal on Sussex Street. I guess I'll know when we get there tomorrow.

I have made some progress on Laurel Hill. I am up to my 5th ball of wool now, and 17 inches into the front of the jumper. I can't believe how slow it is to knit. I think this is my slowest project to date. Don't get me wrong, though, as I am enjoying it. It is just that I am getting impatient and want to see the garment take shape a little quicker.

Oh! And I nearly forgot - I received an RAOK on friday. I came home to find that my landlady had left the envelope on my doorstep as it would not fit under the door that separates my flat from her house. It as from Brit of Baltimore. Fancy hat, a gift from so far away. Thank you Brit! I love the buttons. it did not take me long to select a big blue one for the bag that has been hanging on the back of my dining chair waiting for a button and some lining. Now that it has a button, I am thinking that maybe I need not bother lining it. I am just too lazy! (Yes, yes, pictures to come soon.. as soon as those silly batteries are charged!)

Chris and I went to Macquarie Shopping Centre today, and I visited Lincraft. I was good today. I did not buy anything. I was there to find out what lengths zips come in so I know how long my zippered cardigan should be. I decided that 60 cm from hem to top of the collar is a good length. A cardigan or jacket that length will skim my hips and be just long enough to wear over both casual and work clothes. I am looking forward to starting this project. It promises to be a quick knit as I intend to use larger than usual needles (4.5mm or 5mm) and aran wool.

Currently sitting here watching Chocolat on Channel 9 while typing this.I can't believe it has taken me this long to get around to watching this movie. It's quite interesting.

I did three huge loads of washing today. I really should get off the computer and iron some of those freshly washed clothes..

Glad that you received them and liked them :)
Hi Celia-

In my blog browsing I came across your site (which looks great by the way). And I noticed that your progress bars (the sweater, hat, bag etc fill in things) actually work properly. I'm having issues with mine and have a favor to ask. Could you possibly email me your html code so I can compare it to mine and figure out what's wrong?

It would be much appreciated.

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