Sunday, September 12, 2004
A kitchen tea and a hen's night

My friends, B1 and B2 are getting married in a few weeks. On Saturday night, they had their respective hen's and buck's nights. I attended the hen's night, which followed a kitchen tea.
The kitchen tea was a tupperware party. Oh my, what a lot of 'first's for me - my first tupperware party, my first kitchen tea and my first hen's night. It was a little overwhelming, and I was SO happy to get home and crash into my bed. I slept like a log.

Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt like you have not slept at all? That was me today. Spent most of Sunday in bed. I didn't even get any knitting done. I am achey breakey all over. I've had the same bad shoulder for two weeks now. Maybe I should get it seen to. Yeah.. maybe.. I'll thnk about it.

I made a tuna casserole for dinner tonight. It was delicious., even if I do say so myself, and even Chris said so, and so it must be true ;) there was enough left over for him to take home for his lunch tomorrow. I made sandwiches for me - ham, chutney, gherkin, semi-dried tomatoes, mayo.

I have been inundated with requests for a pattern for the capelet. thanks folks, for all your compliments. I'm sorry, I have not had time to work on the pattern yet. Maybe next week, ok?

I won't get anything done before Wednesday. I have a group presentation in class tomorrow night. I probably won't get home till quite late on Tuesday night as I have to be at the church for the Bs' wedding rehearsal. And then class as usual on Wednesday night. SO let's see how Thursday pans out. Maybe I'll get a chance to work on it (in front of Law and Order SVU?)

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