Tuesday, September 07, 2004
Capelet completed! Yay!

Finally finished the capelet. Here it is..

and again in detail on my ironing board..

I think it's really pretty. I tried to take a phooto of me wearing it by seting the timer on the camera, but all the pictures were fuzzy. This will have to do I guess.

I also completed these squares. They are 6x6 inches and meant for the BASIS exchange. I don't know whether I will send both to Laurie. I guess I'll wait and see if I make any more squares before I decide.

ostrich plume stitch with seed st border (left) and faggotted panel with garter st border(right)

Let's see, what else have I been doing? Knitting-wise, not much.

I plan on writing out the pattern for the capelet to share, but I don't know whether anyone wants it. If you want it leave me a message and I'll write it out. Otherwise, I won't bother.

I have a busy weekend coming up, and I doubt I will get much knitting done. On Saturday I will be meeting with my Buyer Behaviour project group to finalise our presenttion slides. After that I will be dropping off Nanna's faux tortoiseshell needles which I bought in Canberra a couple of months ago. Yes yes, I know.. I should have dropped them off by now. After that I have to rush over to Chipping Norton for Bri's tupperware party/kitchen tea followed by Bri's hen's night. I can't believe the wedding is only a few weeks away. It seems ike only a few months ago that she announced her engagement. Actually it was last year, but time flies.

Aaaanyway, back to knitting, I need a new project. I am considering a lace shawl in some of the mohair that Mos bought for me in Poland. Also need to reknit part of the sleeves for my Huntington Castle. I am SO dreading that task. Also on the list is a cow potholder. I plan on doing it in double knitting. The pattern is here: http://www.countrydoubles.com/cowpattern.html
Isn't it gorgeous!
Let's see, what else do I want to make? mm.. so many projects, indecision! Alright, I am off to find some of that yummy mohair in my stash. I think it will make a gorgeous shawl.

Your capelet is wonderful! I love the stitch.
I LOVE your Caplet! I saw your post on Ample Knitters and had to come over to check it out. I'd love the pattern if you're planning on writing it out. I've added your blog to my list of daily reads, so if you post it, I'll see it there!
Hi, Celia! Your capelet looks great!

It's been brought to my attention that your KR Ring code is kind of wonky, and people are having trouble navigating through the ring when they get to your blog. I've figured out the problem, and hope that you can update your template to fix the problem.

For some reason I show your KR site id as number 65, whereas you have it as 73. Can you edit your template and change the site id numbers? You should have two instances of it, one in the line for Next and one in the line for Random. Just change the 73 to 65, and you should be all set.

I am thinking that maybe you just copied the links from your other ring and forgot to switch the numbers? I see that you are also number 73 on the ROAK ring.

Please let me know if you would rather I send you the full HTML code for the KR ring.


Molly C :)
Hi Celia,

I love your capelet, it's gorgeous! I also love your squares: funnily enough, I have made one with the fagotted lace panel too, (great minds think alike, huh?:-) and DD and I had a play a while ago with the Ostrich Plume stitch: yours are so beautiful, I am inspired to try again. Thank you for sharing,

Donna B(NZ)
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