Friday, September 03, 2004
Photobucket is down

Photobucket, where I store my pictures, is down for maintenance, and according to the forums has been so for a few days now. I wonder when it will be up again. The blog just does not feel the same without pictures.

I have made lots of progress with my poncho. It now measures about 10 inches in length. I need it to be about 20 inches in length unfringed. I have not yet worked out whether I will put a fringe on it or knit a pretty edging all around the bottom. At the moment I am not 100% happy with the ostrich plume pattern. It's not showing up as well as I had hoped. I hope that it will look better when I have done a little more. I am also having trouble working the k4tog stitches. I am using a small crochet hook which has made it easier, but it's still not easy. I probably spend as much time doing the k4tog stitches as I do in knitting the rest of the round.

I've started thinking about tonight's dinner. What should I cook? Is it getting too warm for a roast dinner? Chris is bringing a bottle of red over.. maybe i should cook a lamb roast.

Ummm... actually, Chris accidentally left the bottle of red at home. Whoops.
Hi Celia. I hope you got my ecard. I was browsing through your photo blog and noticed that you sell some beautiful yarn. Did you dye it yourself? How much is it per skein? I really love ocean flora.
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