Thursday, October 07, 2004
4 more squares to go..

I have made steady progess on the Nouveau shawl. I hope to be done soon. I have made 28 squares and only have 4 more to go. The shaw is a nice size, but I really should have used a mohair yarn. It's not as warm as I had hoped it would be. I am SO looking forward to getting the mohair yarn that Tam has bought on my behalf. I want to make this shawl again, in mohair this time, because it's so pretty.

I have cast on and knited about 3 inches of the Laurel Hill jumper, but I don't have time to continue at this point. I'd like to get the shawl completed first.

Laurel Hill (from Jo Sharp's Book 1)

Also have to get my act together and post off those BASIS squares for Laurie. I feel so guilty... I will have to get it done next week. Just don't have time this week. I have an assignment due on Monday and I have only just started to do the required reading. Get this.. the topic is yarn related! I need to write a paper on how culture and reference groups affects a yarn buyer's purchasing behaviour.

Oh, and I have also put up some pictures from B1 and B2's wedding - here

Over the weekend, Chris designed my website. Well, it's probably more his than mine since he did all the work designing it. I think it's fab, dont you? Ok, I must admit, the content person (er.. that's me) was lazy and there's not much there (YET!)

Oh, oh! Chris also fixed up the little progress picture thingies on the side of my blog. i could not get them to work so he fiddled with the javascript bits and got it to work. Yay! Yes, I admit to being lazy, but even if I wasn't lazy, I doubt I could have gotten those pictures to work for me. So I'm really glad that he's around to do stuff like this for me. (and there are other reasons why I'm glad he's around, but I'm not telling cos I want to keep him all to myself!)

Dad is coming this weekend. I have such a busy weekend ahead. We're going to Chiris' parents' for a barbeque lunch as it is Yenni's birthday (she is Chris' brother's gf, soon to be wife). At night we're going over to Sharlyn's for another barbeque. I am making vegetable and chicken skewers for both parties. Also making potato bake for lunch and dessert for dinner. I am looking forward to the barbeque at Sharlyn's. I haven't seen them for so long!

Probably not updating the blog till after the weekend. I'll have to get off my bottom and start writing that paper about yarn buyers' behaviour.

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