Wednesday, October 20, 2004
Long time no post..

I saw this quiz on someone else's blog and I thought it might be interesting. I think I am more a gourmet girl than a girl next door. I certainly don't come from a small town or a large family! Those who know me wil know that few people love their food more than I do.

I am a hybrid of:
Gourmet Girl
Girl Next Door

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Gourmet GirlGirl Next Door
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Ok, so what have I been up to over the past week. Not much, actually. I have knitted up more of the Laurel Hill jumper. I have only done the first 13 or so inches of the back and I am on to my 4th ball of wool. It is SO slow going.

I have also decided to try my first steeked project. Wish me luck! The plan is to knit a jumper in the round and cut up the front to make the opening for the zip, and the cut the sides to make the arm holes. I had decided that I want to make it in cream, have about 4 inches of ease, and have a simple cable pattern running up the sides of the zip. I have not decided yet what the neckline/collar will be like. I was thinking that i'll just knit a few inches of ribbing so that I'll have a high neckline. The knitting doesn't scare me, it's the cutting that scares me! I am yet to think of a name for this project yet. I am still trying to work out which cable stitch to use.

So far I have made 6 squares for Anne to put together to make a baby blanket. Unfortuntely not all the suares are truly square. Uh-oh.. Hopefully they will all stretch to form squares. There is a pink one, a green one, a bluey-aqua one, a yellow one, a purple one and a mustard one. I won't post any pictures so it can be a surprise. I pla to make 10 for her - squares, that is, not blankets.

Have I mentioned the crocheted blanket? I bought a bag of crocheted wool 'squares' from a lady on eBay last year ( I say 'squares' because they are not really square) I have not had the motivation to sew tehm together till recently. I am nowpatiently sewing the squares together and it looks like it will make a nice-ish lap rug. I'll probaby have to line it. That will just have to wait till Dad brings me my sewing machine.

It's been wet and miserable all day. Right now my nose is feeling like the weather.. wet and miserable all the way.. I hope it is just hayfever. My head's been feeling congested all day. yucky! Anyone got a cure for a runny nose and watery eyes?

I hope tomorrow is a little warmer.

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