Tuesday, November 02, 2004
Melbourne cup day

Not that it affected me in any way.. I was at work stuck on a silly conference call while everyone else was out at a cup lunch. I didplace a bet though, but I doubt I won anything.

Chris and I went to an Alpha dinner at church tonight. It was fun, at least I think so. We met people I had not met previously we may go back for the Alpha course, or maybe not. We'll see. It looks interesting but it is probably more for Chris' benefit than mine if we do decide to attend the course.

I started and completed the headband from IK's subscriber section. I actually needed to do 5 repeats of the lace rather than the recommended 4. maybe I just have a big head! I wore it to work today, and it worked quite well. I want to make the barrette next. I have some more of the same yarn leftover and I think I have enough for the barrette. It's the same yarn as the one that I used for the mittens - Patons Patonyle 4ply (wool/nylon blend).

I have not been working on much else. I have an assignment due tomorrow. That's mostly done - thank goodness. I can't wait to get it out the door..

In fact I can't wait for the exams to be over so I can have my 3 month break from classes. You can tell, huh, that I am really enjoying classes.. They are SO boring. One would have thought that having slept through much of my undergrad degree I would not be silly enough to go back for more. What can I say, I'm a sucker for punishment!

Love reading your stuff Celia! Nice pig !!!

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