Monday, November 08, 2004
One (not so ) sick chick

That's right! I feel a lot better tonight. I am still sniffling and coughing but most of the congestion is gone.

I worked from home today - I didn't think sharing was caring, and I am sure my colleagues would have been relieved that my germs and I stayed away. It's just as well that I had decided to work at home because, guess what! I locked my car keys in my car (don't ask!). Chris had to bring over my spare keys so I could retrieve my car keys. I feel like such a silly billy!

Ok, what I was blogging about last night, before Blogger ate my post, was my day with Anne Maree. Did I mention that Anne Maree is visitig? yes, that's right, she's here from Canberra for 4 days. We met at the Rocks. While waiting for her to arrive - yes, she was late (I told you you'll never live his down, Anny!) - I must have visited the Bead Bar three or four times and walked past the fudge store half a dozen times. I finally caved in and went nuts at he fudge store. Let's see.. what did I get, Aussie Mud (rich chocolate), Kahlua, macadamia chocolate, hazelnut and a couple others which I can't remember. We still have a few bars left, but oh dear, oh boy, was that good fudge or was that good fudge.

Of course it did not help that Anne was famished when she arrved, so we set off in search of food. We finally settled on a pub where she could get a Chicken Caesar salad and a beer. And what was across the road? A FRENCH PATTISERIE! I was at the mercy of the dessert gods. Anny tried to convince me that if it was still open by the tme she finished her (late) lunch, that was God's way of saying that we are to eaat pastries and cakes. It WAS still open when she finished eating, and so we wandered over. Next door to it was the bear shop. They had the most adorable collection of bears and stuffed animals. I nearly ended up with a few, but sanity prevailed and I walked out empty handed. We also walked out of the pattiserie empty handed. My belly wasn't happy, but I am sure my bathroom scales were glad!

I stoppped by the shops owned by the Society of Arts and Crafts of NSW a few times. I fondled all ther fiber goodies and gawked a the prices. $98 for a simple garter stitch diagonal scarf was certainly more than I would pay. Yes, it was wool and silk, but it certainly didn't feel like a hundred dollar scarf. Now if I could sell my scarves for that price... yeah, I think I'd be knitting scarves al day long! Do you think they'd take my stuff on commision? ;)

Oh! And I nearly forgot.. on the knitting front, I have started another bag. This will be a small tote bag - felted (of course?) It's made from some yarn I dyed in rainbow colours a few months ago. It's striping nicely. i am considering triimng it with some feathers yarn that I have. The other Idea I have is to sew buttons along the edge as a decoration. We'll see.. It's not meant for me. It's actually a present, but I won't say who it's for because I know she reads this blog. I will post a picture AFTER she has received it :) this is proving to be a quick knit as I am already 40% done.

Ok, I must get down to doing some studying.. I may not post for a while because of exams, or you may hear from me every day because ANYTHING is more fun than studying!

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