Friday, November 26, 2004
I will not be baited...

... by trolls on KR! How many times have I said that to myself, and fallen back into the same trap? (Ok, so maybe I am not that bright.. sometimes) Maybe now that I have written, er.. typed, it out, I will not fall into the same trap again. Those of you who follow the off-topic sections in KR (like this one)probably know what I mean, and the rest of you, just be glad you're not reading that section!

On a more pleasant note, my flower basket shawl is coming along nicely. I hope to have it completed by the weekend so that can block it. Now that I have gone down to 4mm needles, it's looking a lot better. I have not finished it yet, and already I am planning my next one. I am thinking of knitting it in a slightly thicker yarn and adding beads. I think that will be absolutey gorgeous! But I have to complete this one first. I have taken progress pictures of the flower basket shawl but I am too lazy to retrieve them from the camera. Maybe tomorrow...

Mitre10 at Lane Cove is closing down and the sale ends on Sunday. I went in, quite by accident, today and ended up buying:
1. a potato masher with a nice rubber-y grip on the handle
2. an egg slicer
3. a Wiltshire knife
4. a small strainer
All that for just over $8. What a bargain!
I think the off topic areas on KR just beg for flame wars. I NEVER go in to the religion or politics area and only rarely go into the off topic areas. I'm glad the areas exist, though, because people looking for a fight now have somewhere to go. -- Christina P (who tries to be on good behavior on KR and elsewhere when she's in public :) )
i try to stay out of the off-topic areas, but it is hard. and then you read some comments that just anger you, which is why i try to stay away in the first place. but there are also alot of thoughtful discussions that take place in that area that are respectful and interesting until, like you say, a troll comes in.

your shawl looks great! i am jealous!
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