Sunday, November 21, 2004
Fibonacci Stripes bag COMPLETED!

Ok, I don't have pictures yet, but I will soon, I hope.

I popped the bag with some towels and pillow cases in the washing machine this morning. It came out well felted. The two different yarns did not come out as badly as I thought it may. The grey felted much better but it didn't seem to matter.
I gave it a good 'shave' with the lint shaver tonight and now it looks a lot better.

I learnt tonight that I should not knit the Flower Basket Shawl while watching Aussie Idol. I had to tink a few times, but it's fixed now. We got tired of watchign Aussie Idol after the first thirty minutes or so and Chris popped a Star Trek dvd into the player. We switched back to Idol just before Casey was announced the winner.

The Flower basket Shawl is coming along more quickly now that I have switched over to circular needles. I think they are Aero metal ones. They are a lot pointier than the plastic needles I was using before. I had a look at the pattern again tonight, and I think it will come out ok, once I block it (fingers crossed). I am up to the 4th repeat of the lower lace pattern. Another few more repeats and I will be done1 It is now easier as I am learning the pattern.

I also completed one of the pair of socks I ammaking with Confetti colour 2404 and grey Patonyle. One more to go...

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