Sunday, December 05, 2004
10 inches and going strong...

Yes, that's the Farrow Rib Scarf that I am referring to, and I am rater enjoying knitting it, cotrary to what I thought before. i had thought that I would get bored. However, I have found that I get into a sort of "Farrow Rib groove" and I knit inches without realising it. I think I will have it done by Christmas day.

I have knitted up to the waist of the Shapely tank. It's not going to be as closely fitted as I thought it should be. ut I think it will still be wearable. I am rather concerned that the arm holes may be a bit too low. We'll see.

When Tam cam over for coffee yesterday, we had fun knitting and talking about knitting. Apart from Anne Maree, she's the only other knitting friend I have met in real life. I'd like to meet more knitters. It gets a little lonely being the only knitter I know. There's nobody to share my creations with nor to talk about knitting related stuff. I have frends with whom I can share most other aspects of my life, but not knitting. Yes, sure, Chris comments on my knitting and tells me how much he likes this that and the other. However, nobody really 'shares' it the way only a knitter could. I am glad Tam came. (Thanks for visiting Tam!)

well, I have to work on that business requirements document that I promised work taht I would. I know it's the weekend, but it has to be done , but heck! I hope someone appreciates it!

Oh and I saw this article today. It's a great read for anyone wh has ever been asked to knit anything for anyone else! :)

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