Monday, December 06, 2004
A new haircut, and a spinning wheel!

That's a picture of my new baby. I bought it from a vendor on Ebay today. I think it's an Ashford traditional wheel, but I don't know for sure as it was only described as a solid wood Ashford wheel. I did not think I would win it as I was not willing to spend more than AU$120 for it. I thought I would be outbid when I placed my bid of AU$110. However, I won the auction! I am so pleased I am beaming from ear to ear. I hope it gets here soon!

For Christmas this year, the Hernandez clan has decided that everyone gets a $15 present from everyone else. I have decided that this year I shall ask for cash. At first I contemplated Lincraft or Spotlight vouchers. However, since winning the bid on the wheel, I have decided to ask for cash contributions to the 'wheel fund'.

I also had a haircut today. There is a new hairdresser at the corporate park where I work. My hair was annoying me all day, especially when I had to go out to Macquarie Shopping Centre at lunch time. Even when I had it up in a ponytail, it was ticking to the back of my neck. Yuck! So I walked into the hairdresser's and had it all cut off. She cut off so much hair that her assistant had to sweep the floor twice while I was there. the whole time she was cutting my hair she was commenting on how much hair I had and how thick it was and how wonderful it was. My thick hair, the bane of my life. Seems like everyone loves it - everyone but me, that is. I have been told that I will appreciate it more as I age and see my friends balding. Hmm...I find that hard to believe. So far the haircut looks good. However, it's always hard to tell how good a haircut is until a few days later - I like to wait and see how it is wearing before I decide whether I like it.

Granddad's scarf now measures 26inches. I hope to finish it well before Christmas so that I can wash and dry it before giving ti to him on Christmas day. I knitted it at the Hernandezs' yesterday and got Kitty hair all over it. I know he's not allergic to cat hair, but it would be nice to give something that does not look dirty and hairy.

It's definitely a traditional. That was my first wheel too and I wish I'd hung onto it. Have a ball learning to spin!! Congrats on your new baby.

I have the same Ashford Traditional and am wondering what year it was made. The newer Traditionals have more ornate spokes and such. I really like ours better! I love mine and will hang on to it even if someday I get a new one.
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