Thursday, December 16, 2004
My computer has been fixed. YAY!

My computer was fixed today. It's not wheezing anymore, and it is working just fine now.

Lots have happened since the last time I blogged.

I received (hristinac's present. Here it is

I thought I'd wait to open it, but I couldn't wiat. yes, I don't have enough will power. Isn't that lovely of her? I reeived 3 sandra magazines, 2 UK Knitting magazines and a pattern book for Rowan Calmer. Chris had to put up with me last night, flipping through the books saying, "Oh I want to make that, and this.. and OH! This one this one!"

I also received my gift from Diana. She sent me some yarn (the picture didn't turn out). I was very excited to find a variety of yarn, some of which I have never used before.

Have I mentioned I am going to Canberra this weekend? I believe I have. Anyway, I am! I am going to visit a few new friends from KR. I am visiting Maisie (that's Littlemaze to all you KR folks) who has just given birth to a beautiful baby boy (I know he is beautiful because I have seen the pictures!). I made her a baby hat which I hope the baby will grow into next winter. Here it is

You can't tell from the picture that I have random yarn over holes on the hat. It ooks like a little like a 'ripped' hat. I have made it adjustable so that Maisie can lengthen the hat if she needs to as the baby grows.

I have also been practising on the spinning wheel.
Here is what the wool looked like when I first started spinning.

The flash bounced off it badly, but it really IS as uneven as it looks. I think you can see that. I went ahead and plied that with my brown yarn spun from sliver.

It doesn't look half bad, even if I do say so myself. I am planning to knit a hat from it, using large needles.

Ok, my wheel beckons...
The yarn you've spun up is great! IT's looking like a cool novelty yarn, great for a hat!! I think I need to hoard some money and buy myself a wheel..Did you start out on a drop spindle first or just straight into the wheel?
Hi Christina C here again !!!

I am so glad the literature & tape measure sheep all reached you Down Under !
I cannot apologise for the fact I never got time to knit for you !!!
Hence so much literature !!!!!

Take Care my dear Celia !
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