Monday, January 10, 2005
4 more sleeps...

... and I confirmed my room at the Hyatt in Singapore today. I am very excited. I have started packing and there seems to be so much to pack! I have put aside Chris' presents for my parents so I won't forget them.

I started winding some lace weight wool yarn that I have in skeins. I thought I'd wind them now so that when I want to knit it, it will all be ready for me to knit. I didn't get very far. It's been so long since I last wound lace weight stuff that I had forgotten how tedious and boring it is to wind hundreds of metres of this stuff. I wound two balls and then gave up. Oh well, two down and uhm... 10? 15? to go.

I only worked for the first half of today. I decided to see the doctor about my ear ache. Of course when I dcided to do that, the earache went away! What a pain! I went to the doctor anywayand she told me to keep an eye on the ear ache. She also prescribed some blood tests and an ultrasound as she suspected I may have polycystic ovarian syndrome (unrelated to the ear ache). I'll have to do the tests when I return to Sydney. I hope it comes out clear.. It's all a bit worrying, although she did say not to worry about it. But all doctors always say that - don't worry, like as if worrying is a switch we can turn on and off!

Hmm.. I'mm off to try to catch some shut eye.... if I can.

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