Tuesday, January 18, 2005
I must, I must stop shopping!

Al I have done since coming home is eat, sleep and shop. Ok, I lie.. I went to work today, but I did shop!

So far, I have bought 5 airs of shoes, and 6 tops! Among them is the top I intend to wear to Joel's wedding. I ought it from NafNaf in KL. Everytime I go into that shop, I am bound to buy something. How terrible!
Here it is..

It's not too shiny. The design is actually quite subtle and it didn't really come out in the picture. I intend to dress it up with some jewellery and a shawl. I doubt I can make it myself so I will use one of the woven silk shawls given to my by Mum.

I have not been able to do much knitting. Needles were not allowed on the plane, so I had to crochet instead. Silly me.. I had thought that I had forgotten to bring my crochet pattern with me, so I bought a copy of the Creative Knitting annual to get a copy f the Jo Sharp shawl I am crocheting. What a disappointment! There wasn't really anything else I wanted to make it it. Many of teh patterns can be downloaded for free from various websites. Most of teh articles were not even written for the local audience. Once again I am glad I did not subscribe to it.

I will continue to post updates on the blog eventhough I am on holiday. I hope to have progress pictures of my knitted items the next time I post.

Hi Celia,
When you come by Singapore, there's a Golden Dragon store at Pearl Centre in Chinatown if you want yarn shopping. But Chinatown is really crowded at the moment. Good luck!
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